Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 ThiNgS I wAnt AnD NeeD To DO

First off, Happy Birthday to SandyKay! Yesterday was Milton's Birthday,Mike's oldest brother (shout out) and today is SandyKay's Birthday, his older sister. Hope that you who are sometimes lost in the mix of the Holidays, had a great day!
So, I have been taking pictures and I was published in a magazine. Ok, so it was a horse sale catalog and not a huge deal at all, but hay (pun intended) I am moving on up!

So the new year is fast approaching, and I have to say that last year I actually somewhat stuck to my New Year Resolutions and had some good things happen. So this year here is my forever eternal long list:
1. I want to keep up my good habits from last year and this year take a step back and enjoy what I have been given.
So that is it. I have decided to not be overzealous and unrealistic. I am adventuring out new roads this year, and I intend to just let life come at me and learn to deal and not have too high of expectations of myself!
I hope all of you have a great New Year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ChrIsTmaS Is AlMosT HerE

This is our attempt of taking a picture for Christmas cards.... KwinLee is the photographer. We our inside, becuase at the time we were not getting above 0 degrees!

We had a great time making this Gingerbread House. The kids did a great job decorating it! I have to say now, that their are pieces of candy missing off the roof and few other places. Reed has really enjoyed having it down within his reach.

My kids. This is me getting them laughing at me and not taking me serious! They are so excited for Christmas and I am excited to have them home. Spencer has been out helping his dad feed cows and learning to drive a tractor, KwinLee has been decorating the house and being my little elf, Reed and Hyrum have been playing up a storm (I think they miss each other, for now).
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we get to go collect food items for Food Share at the Live Nativity. This is such a great thing to do on Christmas Eve, it has become a tradition for us. We were fortunate enough to deliver Christmas to a special family a few nights ago, and that will be a memory that sticks in my mind forever. Our little family is so blessed, and I just want everyone to know we truly hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 4, 2009

HyRuM WayNe

Tomorrow this little man turns 6. He is our December baby that was supposed to come in January, but what a very early Christmas present he was. I have to say that I had really good babies, but this baby was the easiest baby out of all of them. And then... He turned 1. Anyone who knew Hyrum from the age of 1-4, knows what I am talking about. He is so full of life that when he was little it bounded out everywhere.
He is a smile that is contagious, he is spontaneity, he is handsome, he is kind, he is witty, and he is lovable! His name is special and every time Mike and I think of how we came about it, we are in awe. He is such a great addition in our family and we are thankful for him.
Happy Birthday my little Ball of Fire. You are loved!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

ThAnkSGivInG 09'

And the days that followed!

This year, for the first time ever, it was just Mike and I, and the kids for Thanksgiving. Mike had to work a good part of the day (only breaking for my race and to eat), so we stayed close to home and made our own quaint little day. This year I chose to have each of the kids pick a menu item and then spent time with them making it. This was so much fun. KwinLee learned how to make homemade rolls, Spencer made some awesome deviled eggs, Hyrum made pumkin pie (did you know that singing to the pie crust makes it tasty), and Reed made sweet potato souffle and hearing him pronounce it makes a person giggle.

Mid morning we took a break so I could run the 5K Turkey Trot. I beat my time from the last 5K, so I was happy. We then took a quick ride around the auto mall to peak at vehicles (the dreaded day of needing a newer reliable vehicle has come)due to some major problems and money to be spent in the near future!

We had our great dinner around the 2:30 ish hour and then as Mike headed back out the door, the kids and I just chilled. I did dishes here and there (ones that Mike didn't do before he left again, always helping) and we just relaxed. Of course at some point I had to get the Black Friday ads and make a game plan (and it worked well).

3:30 am Friday found me getting ready to go shopping. And I did and I was somewhat victorious at saving money and coming in under budget for every kid!!

Friday night (thanks Boyd and Diane for watching the boys while we shopped) and Saturday morning found me doing the car salesman shuffle. We had a plan and when we went to the dealership to sign papers, Mike had a "feeling" and so we totally changed our mind and went a different route. Mike got an early Christmas present of a 6 passenger truck that will be the family vehicle. Now I am in search of a little "jitney" that gets good gas mileage and is cheap for driving around town.

That was our last couple of days and it has been good to have the kids home. Hope everyone else has enjoyed time with family and friends and great food! Oh and my pictures that I took on a camera with no memory card in it will have to just be burned forever into my mind!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

BosToN ArrIveS

Boston arrived on November 15th on His Aunt Tracy's Birthday. It was so neat to be there and be a part of the first few days of his life. I might be biased, but he is dang cute!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BosTon'S MommY

This is my beautiful baby sister and her husband. She is the only younger sibling that I have and for a long time I was the baby... But fortunately for me, she came along and stole my title. Here she is with me, back in the days of me not so sure of the title being taken.

And now these two cuties, have a cutie on his way.

In just a few more days ( I am just sure she will cooperate ;), my wonderful little sister is going to have a Mr. Boston Joseph. Bringing another boy and nephew into my life. But how cool it is, because I have been the little sister having the babies for my older sisters, and now it is my turn. My turn to be the big sister to her and let her know how proud I am of her. To let her know that this is going to change her life in ways that are only going to be for the better. I am here to give her advice and laugh with her through the trials like my older sisters did for me.
I love you CaliChey. You are the best little sister, well right next to me I am sure!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


4 class parties, one cub scout party, 2 friends parties, trunk-r-treating, and a Halloween dance later, and we have all survived another year. KwinLee was a cheerleader/football fan, Spencer a soldier, Hyrum was Handy Hyrum, and Reed was .... a cowboy big surprise. Let's just say I can wait for next year!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Don't you just love October. It is a sign of everything to come. The best thing is when you walk into the stores and they have all the Halloween junk, right next to the Thanksgiving junk, which is also placed right by the Christmas junk. Really, why don't you make it hard on moms and go out and confuse the children by your retail greediness.
I get asked, "Mom, why do they have Christmas stuff out if we haven't even had Halloween?" It is then followed quickly by, "can we go look at what we might want for Christmas?" Yes, by all means, lets go look at costumes and toys and put me into stress overload at the cost of everything for a family our size! Whatever happened to the let's take one step at a time. No joke, we spotted Christmas items for sale and decorated trees in stores in September. I guess I just don't get it. Or is it because I truly think of Thanksgiving as a time to give heart felt Thanks instead of superficial honors. Oh, and Christmas is not about a man in a Red Suit who tends to spend way to much money, but about the birth of an incredible Man who lived His life in such a way that millions want to be like Him, and then went on to be Our Savior.
Silly me, what do I know though!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

iCe BloCkInG

Don't knock it until you try it... For a youth activity the other night, they went ice blocking down a perfect hill. I had never done this, nor had seen it done before, so I had to come and watch (ok, I couldn't resist, I tried it too). The best was when they had like 15 of them going at one time in races. The mayhem at the bottom of the hill was priceless. I must say that it takes some core balance to stay on that little ice block at a bumpy rate of speed!

Really, what a cheap way to entertain a large group of people, I highly recommend it!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, we spent a crazy weekend where we packed up the kids, drove 7.5 hours to Utah getting in late Friday night, then waking up and getting to see some great friends and my Grandma in the morning.... AND THEN it was Lagoon time. Let me tell you that our kids were so excited they shook. They could not even fathom what they were in for. Lets just say that Mike and I's love for wild rides and scaring ourselves has been passed down into our four children and it made for an awesome day.
KwinLee and Spencer did all the Roller Coasters except one, oh and Mike did to. Hyrum did as many as they would let him on, and believe me, he would have done everyone if they weren't so diligent about measuring height. Reed loved the ones that would go in a big circle really fast (not his mom though). We loved doing all the rides we could as a family (even if it meant mommy getting soaked). The kids were so good and listened all day. I have to say that they were on their best behavior and the older ones were great at trying things and the little ones were great at being patient.... Oh, it was just a great day. And I ended it by going on Wicked all by myself. I think I could have talked Mike into it if we would have had someone to watch the kids. But I also think Hyrum would have gone without any questions if we would have let him.... We shut the park down and literally just escaped the monsoon that hit right when we pulled out of the parking lot.
This morning we packed up, headed to Richmond to see Mike's Grandpa Pope and visited for a little while before we headed the rest of the way home. Talk about whirlwind, but it was so worth it. The kids did amazingly the whole trip and it was truly enjoyable. The Highway Patrol who pulled Mike over was even generously nice! What a weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

FrOm WoLf tO BeaR

Spencer is advancing from a Wolf to a Bear in scouts. He loves scouts and is doing great with it. Our pack meeting last night, was right out here on the ranch. It was a lot of fun and Spencer received a lot of badges. Here he is showing his dad the badges and also with his troop in front of one of the tepee's that were set up!

And here is Reed. It is tradition that on the way home from school all the kids tell me about their day, taking turns. Well, I forgot to include Reed (having already talked to him when I picked him up earlier in the day) and so when we got home he let me know that he was upset. So I got him a glass of Dotty Milk and called everyone around the table to come and listen to Reed's day. This is a picture of what he did for about 5 minutes, not once mentioning what he did that day, just making his brothers and sister giggle by pulling funny faces over the mug.

Friday, September 11, 2009

MiSS KwinLee Is TurnIng 10

10 years ago we were getting to meet our first and only baby girl. Our little "Tootsie Bella". I can't believe how time goes by so fast. I am not kidding, it seems not long ago those cute little chubby cheeks holding up tiny little glasses were toddling around the house. Now I have a little girl who is turning into a young woman before my eyes.
And to prove it, this year she asked that I get rid of the "little girl" decor and redo her room to be more "modern and age appropriate". I surprised her with her new room and she loved it, she even thought the big paint spots on her carpet were cool (but they will be going out with the carpet!)
Mike and I love, love, love this talented, brilliant, soft hearted, fun little girl (yep that is what she will always be to us).
Happy big decade Angel Baby, Tootsie Bella, Ninnee, Sissy Bear, and (AKA) KwinLee Elizabeth... We love you so much!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LaBor dAy

What a weekend. Saturday evening we headed over to White Sulphur Springs to stay with Mike's family and to spend some time with Buzz and Sharon and their family. The first night brought Mike and I to Jello Wrestling. Waste of good jello if you ask me. I thought that was the one thing we haven't used jello for :) Sunday we went to church and then had a great lunch, followed by a wonderful nap, and then some good visiting and music. Then Mike and I went out on the streets and danced until we thought the carriage would turn into the pumpkin or when those around us had become consumed by "the drink". Monday led us not only into Labor Day, but it was Spencer's 9th Birthday as well. His Grandma Diane made him a great breakfast, he and his sister rode their bikes in the big parade, he went to the rodeo, and then he shared a bunch of cake with family and friends at the park. It was a good day for him and he let us know several times. For his birthday he got a new vest and he wanted his room changed up a bit from the little boy stuff to the more "cool" stuff. So he picked out a new beadspread and we put some things together for him.
At the Rodeo Hyrum rode a sheep. He did pretty good, except his mom missed a few shots coming out of the chutes because the announcer and clown were giving her a bad time and distracting her! He was so excited when he got a dollar and a soda pop. It made his day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SchOOl BeGinS

The first day of school. The kids were so happy, Mike and I sad. But it has come and we will just have to face it. KwinLee is in 4th Grade with Mrs. Nyland (1 day a week she will be going to Peak), Spencer is in the 3rd Grade with Mrs. Martinelli, and Hyrum started Kindergarten with Mrs. Ralph.
Hyrums first day was only 15 minutes and he felt he was totally jipped. But we did get to do a messy project and take some pictures ;)
Now, for the first time in 9 years, I have one child at home for long periods of time. Except, his dad is already claiming him. But I can't wait to get some one on one time with Mike Junior (aka Reed)!

Friday, August 21, 2009


The kids love to sleep on the trampoline. Reed makes it for about 20 minutes, Hyrum makes it until he gets a bloody nose and has to come in, and KwinLee and Spencer make it the whole night through. Not real enthusiastic when their mom comes and jumps on the trampoline to wake them up and take their picture.
We love the lake! The kids love to play in the water and the sand. I love that it wears them out.
We went to Utah last weekend for CaliChey's Baby Shower. She will be having Boston in Novemeber, any day is good except for the 20th. I have a movie date that night. We had fun throwing her the shower and spoiling her. While I was there my mom and I took the kids to the zoo and really enjoyed that too. Reed loved the baby giraffe, KwinLee loved the penguins, Spencer loved it all, and Hyrum liked the bats. My mom's favorite part was when the kids and I popped our heads out in the prairie dog tubes and became part of the exhibit. I loved that hardly anyone was there and also watching my kids react to each animal. Oh, and Utah was introduced to Reed in shorts and Orange Topped Cowboy Boots, Fun Times!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We HaVe To dO WhaT To GeT IcE cReaM

I took the kids out for pictures and then threatened them that if they were not good they would get no Dairy Queen Ice Cream. I just gave up and decided that I need a much better woman then I to take my kids pics... And they still got Ice Cream. We had fun though!

Monday, July 27, 2009

BrIggS FamiLy ReUniOn

We wore out the water, slept in a tent, ate by the fire, played games, drank home made root beer, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. What a great time!


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Where has July gone? It seems to be flying by and before I knew it, it has been almost a month since my last post. Here are a few pictures of what we have been doing since the end of June.
We went to the Air Show, celebrated the 4th of July in a grand way, had Aunt Steph here and enjoyed Harry Potter, Gates of the Mountains Tour, Swimming at the Lake, and even entered some things into the fair. We have been busy! Not to mention a lot of extra work days, Mike's surgery, and a Briggs family reunion (which a post will be coming soon about that!)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

CoW CamP 2oo9

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What a fun week it has been. The kids were in the heighth of their glory. They loved every minute of cow camp this year, except for maybe when we told them it was bed time. We slept in a tent, chased cows early morning to mid afternoon, fished, played Folf, roped, ate great food, sang around the campfire, froze a little at night, woke up with aches and pains, smelled not so great, and did I mention chased cows. It really was a great experience this year and I know it was everything my kids had been looking forward to since last year! I will look back on this later as a reminder why we lead the "poor" cowboy life. It raises great kids!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

RooT BeEr FlOaTs

What is better then some Root Beer Floats after sitting through your sister's piano recital. Oh, did I say sitting through, well there were those 8 trips to the bathroom between 3 boys! I ran the Governor's Cup Race 10K (6.2 miles for those who are not good at conversions) last Saturday, in the rain/sleet/snow. I was happy to accomplish it and even more excited to run with my kids in the mile fun run. Hyrum's little legs carried him the whole way without stopping and there were some good hills in that mile!
KwinLee and Spencer got out ahead of us and they ran the whole way too.

Spencer beat us all and he actually beat a lot of the runners. He did really well.

This was my race at about 6.15 miles into it. I had the finish line in site and was just happy I made it!

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