Thursday, January 28, 2010

JaNuaRy 2010

Where this month thinks it is going so fast, I don't know. Have you ever wished that time would fly through some parts of your day (while accomplishing much) and then would come to a very slow trudge through other parts... Like resting and time with your family?
Our January has been great so far. It has found us in a lot of snow, sledding, building snow men, and staying in out of the cold as well. The kids are back into school and starting there third quarter. Mike goes in for parent teacher conferences next week to see how they have been doing!
This weekend is Reed's 4th Birthday, and yes, he kept tradition by asking for another pair of cowboy boots, that's it. Blue this time. Pictures will come later. Today I spent time in his pre-school class helping and doing treats, fun times!
Hyrum is still just loving Kindergarten and I get to go in on Wednesdays and read to his class. I love getting to be in the thick of the kids and learning about them. His teacher is great as well.
Spencer is really enjoying reading this last month, which has been partly motivated by free pizza for reading minutes turned in. He has also been driving the tractor and working with dad when he can. He is especially excited about his upcoming chariot races for scouts!
KwinLee is loving her Accelerated class she goes to on Mondays. They have been doing some fun projects and right now they are working on Greece. She really likes helping me in the kitchen, and I think that I will start teaching her a few simple meals to cook, so that she can do dinner every once in awhile. She is getting independent and I don't know if I am ready for her to be soooo grown up.
Mike is in the thick of feeding cows and staying warm. He brought the first calf born (early) to the house the other night. Lets just say I have pictures, but I don't think I will share. There was no bone structure.
I have official word that I am a certified group fitness instructor. With this I also certified to be a Pink Gloves Boxing Instructor and teach that as well, which is a blast, and yes I have pink gloves! I also have started college, taking 9 credits. I am re-learning Algebra, getting to go through College Writing, and introducing myself to the Psychology world. The biggest test is keeping my time organized so that I don't take away from my kids and Mike very much.
Well, I have dragged on and there is not much humor in my dry post... sorry. Nor pictures. I will put more effort into this when I get some time (haha there's the humor).

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