Monday, December 29, 2008

A WondErFul WhItE ChrIstMas

Our kids asked for a few things for Christmas, but one of the things they wanted most was a "White Christmas". Last year we had no snow, so this year we had our miracle and it was even fairly warm (i mean it was above zero!) They went sledding with some of our friends behind the hay wagon out in the field. It was a great day.

Reed, being a product of his father, received a pair of chinks (chaps), pistols with holsters, a barn, and a miniature roping steer with ropes. His dreams came true.... He could not wait to put the chinks on over his pirate pajamas!
So, I being a little excited woke Mike up early so that we could get things rolling.... Yes, I wake the kids up on Christmas morning! So after we opened presents, Mike fell asleep in his chair with his new hat and gun close by....

What a fun day we had, and the magic of having our kids at this age is so much fun!

Friday, December 19, 2008

ThEy SToLe The ShOw

Today we were lucky enough to get to watch KwinLee and Spencer in their Christmas Program. Of course as parents we have to say they were the best! KwinLee played the piano, a piece from the nutcracker, in front of the whole audience as prelude music. Then they sang and sang and sang. Our Spencer also played a mean electric "air" guitar. They dressed up and looked sharp. I am glad I had no buttons on my shirt because I would have been popping them and it wouldn't have been from all the Christmas goodies I have been indulging on!

Tonight we had a big date planned that Mike came up with on his own, our babysitters were on board to take the rug rats and off we would go. But wouldn't you know it, a few minutes ago, KwinLee was hit suddenly with the stomach flu. "I hate the FLU". She is really upset and I am feeling pretty bad for her. Hopefully she will be over it fast!

Monday, December 15, 2008

GuEsS WhO?

Guess Who We Saw?............................................................

The "REAL" Santa! We had a great time too.

Monday, December 8, 2008


We went for a "drive" yesterday and happened to be up Soup Creek, which is the ranch's private ground... While we were there, I saw a tree way up on a very steep side hill. My wonderful husband took his climbing gear and scaled the mountain. He rode this tree down and after all that I decided it would be the tree, no matter what! So as you can see we decorated it as well......

Reed thought that one little section was his and he put as many ornaments in that section as he could... hanging them off the lights!
So I let the kids do the majority of the decorating and decided to just let it be, except for some of the ones on the lights of course. Mike cut them trees for their room and told me to decorate mine how I wanted, that they could do their own. But I informed him that their will be plenty of years that I can have the tree just like I want, and only a few years of having little helping hands decorate it how they want. So, here is the finished project. ....

Friday, December 5, 2008

HyRuM's GoLdEn!

Watch out ladies, here he comes... The ladies man is turning 5 and he knows how to steal your heart. He loves to give kisses and hugs to the women in his life and he does not skimp!

We love our Hyrum Wayne and we are so happy that he is a part of our little family...

His smile is contagious and he makes your heart flutter when he gives you that big old single dimpled grin.....

I hope he truly has a great day and that on this his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY he knows how much we love him!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We SuRviVeD!

Well, we made it through a great Thanksgiving. It was great to have all my family here (that were able to make it!). My dad and B0nnie, Mom and George, Tracy, Bill, Cimbrelyn, Caden, Cenzington, Cali, Justin, Justin's brother Josh and his baby girl Grayson, and yes of course all 6 of us in my family. Many people thought it a little strange that I had my mom and dad with their spouses and there was no awkwardness. Well, that part went well until my mom got mad and threw some mashed potatoes at my dad and in return my dad spit his false teeth in her pie. Other than that it went smoothe. (ok, I am really just kidding, nothing exciting like that really happened.)

We also made a good showing at Black Eye Friday. My niece and mom took out some elderly lady to get a gift for Tracy's grand baby, I faked labor pains with the pillow stuffed in my shirt to get to the front of the line for another hot ticket item for my sister, and Cali gave some poor Walmart worker the black eye! Ok, so I am a little far fetched! My mom was the elderly lady that almost got taken out when they dropped the box and some guy came to their rescue, I did not fake labor pains of any sort, but I really did not feel good in my tummy region, but it did not get me to the front of the very calm line, it just got me sweat beads, and Cali gave no black eyes, she just made some proo worker very confused due to lack of their "Walmart Team" not communicating. And after hearing news reports, I guess I should not joke about how everyone tends to lose the Christmas Spirit to "get a good deal". My favorite part was getting to be with the girls and seeing some of our friends in the frenzy! As for me, my best deals were at Goodwill, they were having a 50% off day!!! The next morning after everyone left, I got up and went shopping again early in the morning and their were absolutely no crowds and it was a success for me!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am THanKfUl foR My GrAnDmA!

A while back I gave a short talk on service and the importance our hands are as we use them in service. I reflected on my hands and as I looked at them, they immediately reminded me of my Grandma. So the beginning of my talk started like this......

Our hands….. Another gift from our Heavenly Father that through creation’s process did not get overlooked, for the importance of these wonderful tools are immeasurable. When I look at my hands, I have to say, I do not see femininity. I see scars and roughness from years of outdoor physical labor. I don’t see well manicured nails or graceful fingers. But what I do see, and have grown to treasure, is my grandmother.

I inherited my grandmother’s hands, and that I love. She is a woman who has used her hands for taking care of her children, and even her younger sister, when their mother passed on at a young age . She has used her hands to sew wonderful things for her grandchildren, including amazing Barbie doll clothes for me when I was a young girl living in her home, and I did not appreciate them nearly enough. Her hands cared for a wonderful man in whom she was married to for 60 years, and then I watched as her loving hands stroked him tenderly as she bid him on to our Heavenly Father. So you see, when I see my hands, I see a gift from her, that I hope to live up to. .........

I love my Grandma dearly. She is an important part of my life. I lived with her and my grandpa for a short while when I was young, and during that time, I realized how much they loved and cared for me. Grandma has raised 4 girls and been a part of their children's lives as well. She is witty and smart, and she is a Fry... (those of you who know Fry's know what this means!!!)
I hope she knows how much I love her, and I am grateful for her influence in my life!
This is one of the many things I am Thankful For, So... What are you Thankful For?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

SiCk is IcK

Well, the season has started! The flu season in the Briggs house, that is. We have been battling colds and stomach flu for the last little while. And let me tell ya, it has not been fun. Reed sits now on my lap with a fever he has been running for the last 24 hours, and I love to snuggle him...but! Last night he and his very sick dad did not let me get very much sleep.

Today I covered for Mike at work, which meant giving full grown pregnant cows 2 shots in the neck while they were flailing around in the squeeze chute... One cow ripped the gun for shots right out of my hand and another jammed it back at me making me stab myself in the finger. But oh, ranch life is good...

Hyrum and KwinLee seemed to have taken their turns with the flu bug, as well as me.. But I haven't officially taken a sick day! Spencer seems to be keeping it at bay, hopefully for his sake he will continue to! I dislike this part of life, especially when my kids and husband are sick... I feel so bad for them, and it wears on me! But Life is still good..........

Monday, November 17, 2008

LiFe Is GOod!

Here is the wonderful man I married... Since he has been home more, he has been kind of spoiling me...

We have been able to work with him around the ranch more lately. He comes home earlier at night now that it is getting dark sooner, he has been great at taking time with the kids and giving me breaks, and has been dating me!!!
This last weekend, as a surprise to me, he and some of our friends, had a wonderful night planned for us.... They had candle light, our song playing, and food that was out of this world that they cooked and served us! It was awesome! I am amazed at how good people can be, and to do this all for us, just touched my heart so much... We had a great night!
This weekend we host a dance for adults and I hope that all goes well. I am getting excited, because I love to dance with Mike. We have so much fun, and we don't really care what we look like, well maybe a little. But we just love to dance!
Oh yeah, did I mention that I got my hair cut... It is an A line with stacked layers in the back, medium tones with blond and bronze highlights.... I wish it could have been Jo doing it for me, but Jo I think it turned out almost as good as when you do it! I like it a lot, and Mike loves it... so, I guess it will do!!!
All in all, I am doing great. I am excited for all the family coming to be with us for Thanksgiving. I am starting to slowly plan for Christmas and I am constantly reminded of all the great people I have in my life... Speaking of which, I am stoked to be going to the Twilight showing with some amazing friends this Friday! I can't wait...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

An EeRie DaY!

Today we have had a fog set in, and it has given such an eerie effect. I couldn't help but go and take pictures just for fun. Not to mention we were ready for church early and I was bored!

This is one of my faves... Believe it or not their is a house not far beihind the trees in the back ground, you just can't see it. We already live out a little, but today it felt like we were in our own world...
Today we watched the 3 state broadcast of Stake conference or Stale conference as it was referenced in our Ward Newsletter. It was good, but I would like to know why they wait to have the highest ranking General Authority speak last. By the time they start, our kids have already sat still for an hour and a half and they are done. And I am sure what is being said is very important, but it is hard to get when you are sitting with 4 restless kids! But all in all they tried their best and conference was good....

Friday, November 7, 2008

HaLlOwEEn! (take 27)

Well it took me forever and a lot of tries to get my pics to come up, but here they are. Halloween was a great experience for the kids and we had fun watching them get a thrill out of it.....

Reed was a Cowboy riding a horse. We started with two other costumes and he wanted nothing to do with them. He had seen this one in the store and his heart was set on it.... Of course I modified it with the pants and boots! I don't know how many people told me that it fit him! We went to a costume dance and watching him dance with the horses head flopping around was quite a riot. But what really got us laughing was when he would fain dead in front of the cute little girls and they would come and do chest compressions to revive him. I laughed so hard I could barely get a picture taken!

The last time we were in Utah, Aunt Tracy took the kids to the place in the Layton mall to build stuffed animals. Hyrum picked a dog and then dressed him up as a fireman and named him Hydrant. So we found a costume that matched and they were the fire fighting duo. This fire truck was outside on display of the main street!

Spencer was a blood hungry vampire.... He wanted to be a vampire so bad. It was hard for me to give him fangs and the Dracula look after reading the Twilight series. He just doesn't fit the bill... But he was a great vampire!

Then their was our Hannah Montana. KwinLee hated the wig because it was giving her headaches and it itched, but she was a trooper! The best thing was she just didn't go as Hannah, but as Miley too. Several people commented on the fact that she looked like me as a blond.

We had a great night and it was fun because we were also celebrating a week of having Mike home..... I have been pulling extra shifts at work the last two weeks for a girl who got to go to Australia with her husband..... How lucky is she! So I have been getting behind again, but hope that a quiet weekend will help change that. Mike is gone again this weekend moving cows, but it is good because we have been able to have him home earlier at nights since the time change and we get to spend time with him then..

Parent teacher conferences were last night and of course they had to tell me how unruly my children are. KwinLee's teacher said she should have made up stories about her so that we didn't hear the same old, same old. But hey, who tires of getting told how brilliant and well behaved your child is. I mean she is my kid!!!! (ha, ha) And Spencer's teacher was very happy with him as well. He is reading so well this year, above his expected level. He does very neat work and is a polite young man, the teacher said. Now if we could get a little speed into him we would be set! But his report card was awesome, and I can tell he really likes this teacher by how he performs for her. I will have to keep this in mind when he is 30 and looking for a prospective wife. Maybe one a little less intense then his mom!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

BeTweEEn FriEndS

Last December I was walking through a store and saw this bronze statue sitting on a shelf. Immediately it brought a chill to me, because it was so perfect for Mike and I. (not that I look like the skinny cowgirl, but...) the title of the statue was between friends, and that is how I feel about my husband. As I sat there and stared at the statue, trying not to think of the price, the words to this poem came to me. Needless to say, for Christmas he opened this statue and on a paper, hand written, was the poem I wrote to him. I told him that later I would do it up better so that he could have a nicer version, but he adamantly refused to give up the hand written copy. So, I made this version up, just recently, and decided that I would print it for him and let him do with it what he wanted.....

Between Friends

Sharing a night at a hometown dance
Trailing cows, catching a meaningful glance
Saying goodbye and parting their ways
Only to find each other after hundreds of days.
This is what happens between friends.

A beautiful night when he said “ I love you”
A proposal of marriage not out of the blue
Some planning of details, then came the day
They said yes to forever and were on their way.
This is what happens between friends.

The loss of a baby they suffered together
The birth of four more to have for forever
The hard times that came trying to pull them apart
Never succeeding because they share one heart
This is what happens between friends.

Starting out knowing they’d be great friends
Going against odds and not keeping with trends
They now have a love that’s been tested and tried
And know they can make it with The Lord on their side.
This is what happens between friends!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Pics!

I have been taking pics again.... and this is what I have been playing with! These are Keri's Boys.... She has four very boyish boys and no girls! Jake, Seth, Zane, and Baby Luke (you can tell the two mamma's boys.. they are the ones looking up over the camera, smiling a great smile at their mom who was standing above me).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

High School Tag

High School Stories

1. Did you date someone from your high school?: A few, but I dated Mike who graduated from the same school and then we dated when I was in high school!
2.What kind of car did you drive?: 78 Ford LTD, 90 Chevy Cavelier (my friend wrecked), 90 Toyota Carolla, and my favorite my Senior year I bought a few months before I graduated, a cherry red 94 Pontiac Grand Prix! 3.What is your most embarrassing moment in high school?: I had so many, when I had to be Miss Piggy or when my coach carried my bra holding it up in the air for all to see!
4. Were you a party animal?: Not really
5. Were you considered a flirt?: Nope
6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?: I was in Choir two years I think!
7. Were you a nerd?: Depends on the day I guess
8. Were you on any varsity teams?: Volleyball, Basketball, Track all 4 years
9. Did you get suspended/expelled? : I had to sit outside during lunch break for a full week, because a boy hucked something at me and I tossed it back and got caught!
10. Can you still sing the fight song? : Both Versions (thanks to my sisters)
11. Who were your favorite teachers?: Coach Hutch and Ms. Benjamin had to rank up there for me
12. Where did you sit during lunch?: Outside or in the hall (except for one week my Sophomore year)
13. School Mascot?: Bears (not the Lima Beans)
14. Did you go to homecoming and with who?: Yep one I remember was with Guy, my sophomore year I can't remember my date's name but I missed going with him and met up later because I had a concussion from the basketball game I played just hours before. But if I remember right I scored 18 points and we won. So it was worth the suffering.
15. If you could go back and do it again, would you?: Nope
16. What do you remember most about graduation?: Not wanting to graduate because I was scared to have to go out and pay my own way, but yet really excited at the same time. I think I was really sick that day and ended up missing out on the party at my house for a few hours...
17. Where did you go senior skip day?: Senior Skip day we went to Idaho Falls, Senior trip we went to Utah
18. Have you gained weight since then?:Actually, I weigh about the same or a little less....
19. Who was your prom date?: Freshman was John, Sophomore MIKE (the best), Junior President Hunter's Grandson, and senior year i skipped out.
20. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion?:Passed it in 2007, I was the President though, so it was my fault I didn't get one going...
21. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself?: Enjoy the simple things and respect those who worked hard to educate you better!

I tag anyone who read this!

Friday, October 17, 2008

STuckKk In A RuT!

Have you ever felt a little dragged down, and can't quite figure out what it is that makes you feel in a funk. I mean with me it could be several things, the fact that I am starting to miss having my husband around and the few hours I get each week just doesn't seem to be enough, or my house is not in the shape I wish it was and I can't find the ambition to make it so, or the fact it has been a year since Kelpie came into our life and now I realize once again how much I miss her, or is it the fact that I know that several members of the family will be getting together and picking pumpkins "celebrating Grandpa and Grandma's tradition" while I sit miles away.

I love where we live, I love the so many wonderful friends I have here, but every once in awhile, I miss family. I know how fortunate I am to have a close family, and sometimes I think that we are close because we aren't living right next door to each other, so we appreciate each other more. But I miss them. I miss the silly things we do when as sisters and mom get together and it gets late at night. I miss the fact that it is pure chaos when our kids are going every which way, but only a little. I miss ganging up on dad together with my sisters and giving him heck, or telling him over again all the corny jokes he told us for so many years. I miss Stephanie's laugh when you think you might have to do CPR because she quits breathing, or Tracy's way of shooting water at long distances because she is the "Gleek Queen" and her laughing at us because she thinks it so funny when we think we are funny and we really aren't, I miss Char saying "nuh-uh" and getting to tease her about being Myrtle, I miss my baby sister Cali who can make us all laugh while letting us all know that she is the #1 in the family, I miss my MOM reminding me of how much I am like her in so many ways even though she tries to blame my dad for the way I am, I miss seeing my dad pull funny faces at my kids, the same funny faces that he pulled at me when I was little.

I don't say it enough, but I truly love my family. They understand me, they know me, and they still put up with me. I know that when I am having a bad day, "sorta like today", I could pick up the phone and call, and they would make time for me. Yes, it is true, we fight, we argue, we are female sometimes....but we are human, and the Fry/Hess genetics do run through us!!!!

So, I am stuckkk in sort of a RUT. But I will pull through my lonely day, and I will do it because not only am I blessed with a great family, a wonderful husband, terrific kids, and amazing friends...I realize all the time, I don't have life to bad, at all!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I HaVe BEen Up tO!

I have been taking a few Senior Pics as of late and even though they are dealing with an unprofessional photographer, I have really been enjoying myself! Here are a few samples of what I have had to play with on Photo Shop!

This one was just minutes before I was stung on my trigger finger by a hornet. It started to swell so fast the ring I had on would barely come off and then later that night and the next day I could not even get it on. It's the price you pay!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Potty TRaiNiNg!!!!

Well, it is kind of exciting to think that I have bought my last package of diapers. The last package and I am ok with that. We are geared with Mickey Mouse, Lightning McQueen, and Elmo Undies, and we have been training away. We as in me, Mike has been gone.

I finally bit the bullet and decided that I would take on this adventure of getting Reed out of diapers and onto "big boy status". I have officially been changing diapers for 9 years straight and in which some of that time I was stuck with double duty (you know when you have two kids in diapers!).

I forgot how much fun it is to take several changes of underwear, pants, and socks wherever you go. Because when they pee their pants it is a direct hit on all items of clothing. You just have to pray thath the underwear, pants and socks absorb it all before it puddles into the bottom of their shoe or on the floor. But most of all, who doesn't love washing out poopy underwear. Oh yes, and your vocabulary becomes so advanced. You know you find yourself saying Poop and Pee about 50 times a day.

So far it has been going pretty good, in fact yesterday was a no accident day. And the two days before that were only 1 accident days. That is how you measure your life while going through the experience, by how many accidents you have a day..... Or at least the trainee has. Today we have gone back a little and although we celebrated the fact he told us this morning he needed to go and was succesful. Later he proceeded to have an accident at the church and while playing outside. The one outside was not a friendly one and he had a present for me. Needless to say I am snffing cinnamon apple spray trying to get the smell out of my nose that was left from the present....

You can't help but giggle a little when standing in a populated public restroom and you are encouraging your young ones to "go pee' and they look at you and say "It not work mamma, it's broke!" Everyone on the other side of the stall is giggling at you while you sigh a big sigh hoping the broke part will soon be working again!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Where is September GoInG?

September is a busy month anyway around here. But time is just flat flying. It seems like not very long ago when these two cuties were just babies and we were just so proud to have the little bundles of joy. Now wouldn't you know that they are 9 and 8! KwinLee being the chubby girl and bubba being the over sugared glazed eyed boy.

I had to write a check today and when I looked at the date I about had a panic attack. It is the 26th already? Every once in awhile I realize that time is passing so fast and I get scared as I think of what that means. You know, like my kids getting older, things I keep putting aside and not getting accomplished, people I have said I will keep up with and it has been months since I talked to them.... Ugh! I just don't know how to get it all done!

Lately I have been playing mom of 4 without their dad. He goes for the week days up into the mountains and stays at camp to build fence and take care of cows. I do send a special thank you to any wife who has sacrificed their husbands to go and serve our country and stayed at home for the tour with their children. I am weak and do not know how they do it.... On a side note, I am very grateful to my husband and all he does do, which is obviously a lot, because when he is gone I get to see what goes un done!

I have been working, staying strong with my work outs, and editing senior pics this week. Not to mention two nights of volleyball and cow milking sessions as well. Plus my daily stuff. Everyone wonders why I love the winter so much, something about bringing that tall cowboy home earlier in the evenings and getting to spend more time with him.... Of course if it is light outside you are supposed to be out working, don't you know that!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Dress

Here is the picture/poem we did for Cali. I was able to get it from Char and now it is posted up. To see it better double right click it and it should??? come up better!

In Memory of My Youth!

In memory of the youth I once had I decided to post some of these pictures this day. I woke up this morning with mixed feelings of there go my 20's and being young to, maybe now in my 30's I can be taken more seriously! A friend told me not to long ago that the 30's were the best. You were more patient, had more things figured out then in your 20's, you were more at peace, and you still were not falling physically apart. I have thought a lot about what she said and decided I would totally accept her evaluation of it. Why you ask, because as of today I have no choice!

I am the young one of the group! Do you see a little of Reed in the picture

I loved our blue healers and this black horse. Most of all I think I loved being the baby of the family.... But now I truly do love the "Baby of the family!"
I guess the days of being the young one of the group are gone, but I do have a lot to show for my twenties. Like the first ten years of my marriage, my 4 children, and hopefully some maturing!

Oh to have this body back! Pre-Kids, sagging, extra weight, age spots, wrinkles, and all that comes with aging oh so gracefully!
I know that there are those out there moaning at me because they have passed there 30 mark and are going on to other marks beyond, but I can have this moment can't I? Ok, I'm over it! Now I will go have a great day and bask in the attention from my wonderful little family that loves me even if I am old and frumpy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Picture Thief!

I have to keep stealing pictures in order to get any. I hope that down the road I won't be such a thief. But what can I say, Nothing! Here is the wedding party. I personally like the pink!

They did make a really cute couple. And is not she just a beautiful bride. Yep, I know, and she is related to me!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spencer's Special Day!

Spencer was baptized on Saturday and it was such a great day. We had family and friends there to share this wonderful experience. We had a beautiful program and the actual baptism was very neat as well. You can see in these pictures that he was just beaming (all day)!
We were so proud of his excitement and anticipation for this day. He could not wait to be baptized. It has been a choice that we have let him make entirely and we felt he was ready. In fact, in the middle of Aunt SandyKay's talk he said, "I have been waiting my whole life to be baptized!"

Spencer has always had a little trouble with wiggles. He gets to wiggling so much that he almost becomes ancy. Well, a few years ago, his dad taught him that in church and reverent times, to let his wiggles out his toes. As parents, we would always chuckle to ourselves when we could see him sitting so still, except for his feet. During the pre-baptism talk he had the same dilemma, only he had no shoes on, so Mike pointed out to me his little toes just going wild, while he sat as still as he could. He was doing all he could to contain his excitement!
I can't express how much it means to us that our children love the church so much. And they truly love to learn! Our Spencer and KwinLee both love primary and activities and all that comes with it. I am so amazed at their knowledge of it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Wonderful Long Day!

Well it was a good day. Definitely a beautiful wedding, intimate and fun. The bride and groom were happy, what else mattered. I am waiting to get pics of the actual groom and bride, and wedding party, but for now I have these that my Aunt Clydene sent me (thank you). I am glad that the day went so well, and I am glad it is over.

Spencer at the pump being a boy! This was a classic photo. He played a lot here and then walked the rails of the bridge and tempted falling in the river as well. All while wearing a pink tie!

And here they are the Show Stealers. They were so dad gone cute walking down the aisle together. We had to only coax them a little to get them all that way. And it was a long walk. But they were adoreable.

I don't think this is for me ( Mike sticking his tongue out) but I know there were times during this day when he would have liked to!

Spencer and Hyrum, hamming it up for the camera. Can you tell they are brothers? They both were pretty darn good that day!

By far the most confident pair walking down the aisle was Hyrum and Kota Bug. They kind of strutted. They made a cute duo.

I often don't say this of a picture that I am in, but.... I love this picture. It really captured the moment we were in. If I remember right, I was watching my sister give Justin that big old dimpled grin. It was before they kissed and Spencer said Oh Yuck, very loudly!

Reed did so well standing up there with all those guys. He stood in front of the towering Colton. At one point he looked all the way up at Colton and then being intimidated by his size, covered his face with the cute little pillow he was carrying.

It was a day I hope that we can always remember and I know we have hundreds of pics, so I am sure that we will! Maybe the pics of the main attraction will be coming soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If only there was more time in a DaY!

Well, we made it back from Utah ( a very quick trip) in which my two little boys did well under the circumstances. I worked a half day on Thursday and then loaded them into the car and we were on our way. We stopped briefly in Lima and then cruised into Kaysville, after being detoured to another exit and me making a wrong turn at about 9 pm. My wonderful Grandma was waiting there with her beautiful home already and willing to take on the wild boys I bring.

The next morning found me taking Vallume to deal with Utah, ok, I actually took it to go get a root canal, but it doesn't hurt to have some when your visiting happy land. I found out that it does have quite an effect on me as I was falling off beds and saying things I don't remember saying. After 3 hours in the torture chamber, the dentist, I escaped and headed off to help mom with wedding and bridal shower stuff. We headed into Salt Lake at about 2 to go and pick up Cali's wedding dress, which upon arriving found out was not done being altered. We then headed to Reed's dr.'s appointment as fast as we could in Salt Lake traffic and walked in only 5 minutes late. Which we then waited another hour to see the doctor whom told us to wait a couple of weeks and see what happens, he wasn't sure what was going on! Yay.

We then dashed out into rush hour traffic (5:15) and headed at a high rate of speed back towards Syracuse. At one point I am sure we hit 45. As I became frantic and fun to be around, (sorry mom), we dashed into the house to get what we needed to go to Cali's bridal shower, which we made with 2 minutes to spare. I of course was still looking like the Vallume dazed, person who had sat in a dental chair, shopped at Wal-Mart, drove in Salt Lake traffic, wrestled 2 little boys for over an hour in a doctors office, sleep deprived "hottie". But the shower was a success and here is a pic of the Beautiful bride to be.....

Oh and Grandma too. She loves to have her picture taken about as much as I do.

The next morning I headed out with great intentions of getting an early start home. I helped gather pictures for the wedding frames that will be displayed, packed us up, called a friend and his Fiance' to see if I could pop in and say hi, and gather what items I needed to go with us for decor purposes. Of course, the picture gathering took longer then I expected and the friends wanted to meet for lunch. Did I mention that these friends were planning a wedding in just a few weeks time for family reasons. The bride to be was headed out by herself after lunch to go dress shopping. I decided that I would invite myself to go and took the boys back to my "brother-in-law" to be, who watched them while we went dress shopping. Can you believe she found a dress that fit exactly what she was looking for at a store just a few miles away from her home and it was the only dress she tried on. She was gorgeous in it. I wish that we could be there for that wedding, but it conflicts with my baby sisters! I still love her though!!!

So, as this story gets longer, I finally left Utah at about 4:30 in the afternoon with full intentions of staying the night in Lima, but then Mike told me how he just washed our sheets and that tempted me all the way home to my own bed which I crawled into at about midnight. Ahhh. That is where I am headed now....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to ScHooL!

Brotherly and Sisterly LOVE

KwinLee headed for the 3rd Grade

Spencer headed for the 2nd Grade

Well, they are off to school. They could not get out the door fast enough. They were so excited and ready to go. Mom who? Well, me and the little boys will mope around all day, sad they are gone. Oh no, I guess not, we are headed to a Back To School Brunch and then I have to work. No time for moping....

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