Saturday, August 28, 2010

WhEre DiD it GO?

I can't tell you how many people I have heard ask, "where did this summer go?"  It has gone by so fast, and it seemed like it was incredibly short due to the weather.  I was wishing for just a few more weeks with my kids home, a few more warm days to go to the lake, a few more days to do something as a family.  But, alas, here we are back into a routine and living with the time we have ahead.

We sent the three older kids off to school in Dupuyer.  They are there at 8:20, and not only do they have a really nice lunch program (perks of only 10 kids), but they eat breakfast together at 9 and then have a healthy snack provided to them as well.  The cook, who is the grandma of 3 of the kids in the school, bakes cakes and treats for the kids who have birthdays as well.  The kids are loving the teacher, making friends, and the fact they are the "Grizzlies". 
Back To School and oh so COOL
So, we are back to just having Reed with us during the day.  He is missing his Helena life a little and the last few days he has let us know that.  But, with time, we hope he adjusts.  Well, and maybe some more horse back adventures!  Here he is with his faithful buddy Poppy!
We have had a few rough days here recently.  Not only did we have to send our kids back to school, a little to soon for our liking, but we have had a run of events that have left us hoping for a good start to next week.  Mike tried to burn the bailer down out in the hay field, so we had to take it into the John Deere dealership.  Well, that day led to bolts breaking on the wheel that holds it to the bracket of the bailer and at 60 miles per hour on a very narrow 2 lane road with a good amount of traffic, lets just say not only was it amazing that we didn't hit the oncoming car, but Mike keping it on the road and away from the steep embankment which was a miracle to say the least (or someone watching over us).  We were stuck in the middle of the road for over an hour, me holding the brake for all I was worth and Mike and a good Samaritan jacking the heavy piece of farm equipment up (with vehicles flying around us) and bending the wheel back in enough so we could limp it to a pull off area.  We left at 10 that morning to go 50 miles and he finally delivered it at 8 that night.  So, now he is down a bailer, but lucky for good neighbors, he has someone out their bailing hay with their equipment, which truly is a blessing!
As if that wasn't enough high adventure, he went to take salt out to his cows and found 2 dead ones on the forest lease.  His cows were really "boogered" and had obviously not been to water for fear of what lurked in great beyond.  So today he is up with the government trapper and bear specialist to see if it truly was a "grizzly" attack, and to see if they can get reimbursement for the lost cows.  I know what you are all thinking, that is what ranch life is all about.  It is, but some days it seems like you get a little more then you bargained for.  So, here is to next week and great things!!! and to show just how positive we can be, look at this face that says it all!
That dimple is the best!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GriZzLy DaYs

We were able to celebrate the 20th annual Grizzly Days in Dupuyer. Our kids rode their horses in the parade. They shut down the main street, which is also the main Highway up to Glacier. So needless to say, we had more spectators, whether they liked it or not.

Hyrum on Gunner and KwinLee on Cisco
Reed on Bean Dip and Spencer on Pistol Packing Pete
Our family joke is, we put the biggest kid on the littlest horse, and the littlest kid on the biggest horse.  You should have heard the crowd.  They loved seeing that tiny 35 lb. boy on that giant horse.
The kids loved the bounce house, giggled at the Chicken Bingo (you bought a spot on the board and waited to see if the chicken would poop on it), they helped gathered the rubber ducks as they crossed the finish line in Dupuyer Creek, and joined right in the Greased Pig Contest (they oiled pigs up and then the kid to catch one, won). 

Hutterite giving the kids pointers on how to catch the pig!
Hyrum in the chase
Spencer going in for the dive!

None of our kids won, but they helped in slowing the pig down for the other kids to get it.  We then headed to the creek where the kids washed of the oiled pig smell, swimming.  What a fun day!

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