Tuesday, September 7, 2010

He'S In tHe DouBle DigiTs

Sept. 7, 2010~  Spencer Turns 10!

Spencer Boyd
Just a fun KID!
It is hard to believe that he is 10, and yet all that he can do, shows just what a young man he is becoming.  He has a fun personality, an infectious laugh, he loves animals, is quite the cowboy, enjoys shooting guns, and his new love is shooting a bow.  He down right enjoys eating, especially good food and he isn't very picky, so there is a lot of selections for him.  He enjoys being with other kids, but also enjoys working alongside his dad (he was his dad's first side kick!).  He likes school, enjoys playing sports (especially baseball), and if the truth be known, he is a touch of a momma's boy, and that is OK by me. 
Spencer, who was named after one of my hero's, my Grandpa, and one of Mike's hero's, his dad, is such a gift in our life and we absolutely love having this kid!

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