Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Don't you just love October. It is a sign of everything to come. The best thing is when you walk into the stores and they have all the Halloween junk, right next to the Thanksgiving junk, which is also placed right by the Christmas junk. Really, why don't you make it hard on moms and go out and confuse the children by your retail greediness.
I get asked, "Mom, why do they have Christmas stuff out if we haven't even had Halloween?" It is then followed quickly by, "can we go look at what we might want for Christmas?" Yes, by all means, lets go look at costumes and toys and put me into stress overload at the cost of everything for a family our size! Whatever happened to the let's take one step at a time. No joke, we spotted Christmas items for sale and decorated trees in stores in September. I guess I just don't get it. Or is it because I truly think of Thanksgiving as a time to give heart felt Thanks instead of superficial honors. Oh, and Christmas is not about a man in a Red Suit who tends to spend way to much money, but about the birth of an incredible Man who lived His life in such a way that millions want to be like Him, and then went on to be Our Savior.
Silly me, what do I know though!

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