Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MiSsIng: JUst a liTtLe MIA

Wow... Did you see that?  Months just went by and someone went missing! Here is our life in a nutshell~
  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with a group of friends in Conrad....  Lots of food and fun games!
  • Mike and I went to Charleston, South Carolina and walked on the beach together for the first time!
  • Hyrum celebrated his 8th Birthday and had a wonderful baptism!!!
  • The kids did a great job with their School Christmas Program (The Sound of Christmas)
  • Christmas was amazing being home and being our little family.
  • We took a trip to White Sulphur Springs right before the New Year and enjoyed time with family.
  • New Year's Eve was spent with friends in Conrad again.  Fun Times!
  • We had a batch of puppies (4) which we kept one and gave 3 away.
  • Reed Celebrated his 6th birthday (moment of silence for the sad mom and dad).
  • We went skiing on a school trip (which was another first for our family to do together).
  • Mike has been knocking out some honey do's and building in the boys room.
  • Mike was called into the Bishopric of our ward.
  • Calving started!!!
  • Mike celebrated a birthday.
Hyrum's Baptism Day

Cowboy on the Beach

KwinLee Christmas Morning

Reed in his Birthday Duds!

KwinLee and Spencer working on their Science Fair Project (1st place ribbons)
Mike still wakes up everyday loving his job, which means the world to us.  Our family (extended and close) have had changes in their life and it has made us take a step back and look at the BIG picture.  It is interesting where life will take you and what challenges are put in your way to help you grow.  I am thankful for such great friends and family who believe in us, give us encouragement, and show us faith by example. 

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