Monday, June 16, 2008

The Front Yard

Well, we had a good Father's Day if I do say so myself. We had time together and Buzz and Sharon over for dessert. Then with the kids urging we set up the tent, we as in Buzz and Mike, I looked official and gave directions, helping to problem solve ;). We then decided that the whole family would need a night out in the tent. YAY! It was fun. We gathered every blanket we could find along with all the sleeping bags. Plastered the kids under them and then threatened them not to move. Of course they had to get up to go to the bathroom, so we had to do it all over again.

Hyrum begged for a story to be read, and wouldn't you know it, he fell asleep before it was even half through. The rest of the kids endured the rest of it and then fell asleep. At least until all the trips to the bathroom started. I being the leader of the pack. At one point I walked past my soft cushy warm bed to go to the bathroom and put on a warm sweatshirt to sleep in, and I thought "How crazy is this, I am out there freezing on an uncomfortable bed when less then 100 feet away is the bed of my dreams". But I survived.

At one point Reed was sound asleep without any covers on, I froze just looking at him. Spencer woke up with his teeth chattering saying he was having so much fun. We kept putting the extra blankets on him, but some how they kept ending up on his sister, who stayed warm all night. Hyrum, well he fell asleep first and woke up last with no complaints and the want to do it again tonight.

So, you guessed it, I will probably be spending another night listening to teeth chattering, coyotes howling, dogs barking, husband barking at the dogs, and all the other unidentifiable noises that I did not want to know what they were for sure!

35 wonderful HOURS!

Well, our 10th anniversary was a wonderful 35 hours of no kids and us time. I loved every minute, well almost every minute. There was one mishap that I could have done without, but the rest of the time was amazing, the only thing that would have been better would have been another 3 or 4 days!

We went to the Flathead Lake and stayed at Bigfork. We saw the Bigfork players "Footloose", ate a quiet dinner, went into shops we never would have dreamed going in with kids, and even took an uninterrupted nap. At the motel we did not have to watch one cartoon, nor did I have to threaten anyone for being to loud and waking up the neighbors. And when Mike set the car alarm off at 7 in the morning, we giggled and snuck out of there like a regular Bonnie and Clyde.

We longed to go on a Whitewater raft trip by Glacier, but for time purposes did not get it done. Instead we went on a helicopter tour that was amazing. We flew over parts of Glacier that you can't see unless you hike into it, or fly over it. It was so much fun. Except for when we grabbed the barf bag for the boy across from us. Mike was going to suggest that they give the boys mother her money back because she had her eyes shut for the whole thing.

One of the things I enjoyed the most was stopping in the little towns and just driving around to see what they were about. Turning down the music to hear pure silence (no kids noises) and stopping along side the road, turning the music up and dancing with Mike and not caring who saw us. It was a great Anniversary! Thanks go to my wonderful husband who will now have to put in extra blood, sweat, and tears to pay off our excursion! As if being married to me for 10 long years wasn't work enough, now he has to pay for celebrating those 10 hard years with me.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Summer!

Last night we worked out in the yard as a family. And by that I mean, I mowed the lawn, I raked 2/3 of it into piles, I loaded them in the back of the truck, and the kids played. Of course Mike got off of work and came home to weed whip and help me get the last few piles before we were struck by lightning and the rain started to pour (like a cow peeing of a flat rock, as Mike says). This marked the beginning of summer, right!

Kids are out of school and we are having a great time.... What will I ever do with them for the whole summer?

This morning we woke to having no power... None. A fine feathered friend (or should I say a fried feathered friend) flew into the line by one of the boxes and burnt itself to a crisp. That was interesting for the power company!

While waiting for the power to come on, we finished the chores and headed out the door to go to "Mommy's Exercise Store", as Hyrum calls it. They like to go into the kids room and play, while mommy sweats blood and tears. Actually, I truly love to get in my TLC and CMT time while saying I am pushing myself on the elliptical or treadmill or bike!

Today, having more ambition then I should have, I worked out on the elliptical pushing myself and then went to the weights. You think that would be good enough for a girl my age and condition, but no, I saw that a class was about to start and so I decided that I needed to join in the torture. Barbell class, working my muscles from head to toe ( and then back again!). By the end I was a shaking and quivering, but oh so proud of myself that no one had to call an ambulance. Of course, because I still had a pulse, and no brain to go with it, I decided that 50 mins of torture in one class was not enough and stuck around for 25 more mins. of an ab class. I was lucky enough to walk out the door and not start the crawling until I got out of sight of those in the gym.

From there we headed to Costco. Shopping is one of my most favorite things to do with kids. Hyrum was upset at almost everything today. And he let all around know about it. Reed, who was disguised as a walking cowboy hat, was pestering his older brother to no end. Including touching the watermelon, that of course was meant for only Hyrum. We had to get dog food, yep, try picking up 50 lbs. of dog food when your muscles are shaking so bad you can barely breathe. It made it to the bottom rack of the shopping cart, leaving to much room in the top that I felt I needed to fill... GRRRR. After paying for the groceries, we headed out the door. On arriving at the car, I rushed the two little boys into the safety of their seats. Why, because it was hailing/sleeting, with heavy wind gusts, all at about 38 degrees..... (yes I know it is warmer to not live in Montana!) After safely securing them, I proceeded to open the back to load the groceries. Well, an avalanche of items fell out of the back. Mike's Father's Day presents, the church bag loaded with books and crayons and markers, and my sanity. I hustled around getting all picked up and placed back into the Suburban, haphazardly, and started loading the soggy groceries. I managed to load them with only a scrape on the back of my arm and a goose egg to the head, along with being soaking wet. But they are now safely delivered home and most of them put away. Myself, well, a hot shower never sounded so good!

It is the beginning of SUMMER!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

We got the BUG!

Isn't it great when you get home from traveling you have so much to look forward too. Cleaning the car out, unpacking, laundry, catching up on all the work you missed, and inevitably being sick. Whenever we travel it seems like we bring something home with us. Yep, KwinLee started with it the last morning of our trip. I had convinced myself it was just because of the type of food we had been eating for the last few days. But I was not totally convinced. Last night at about 6:00, Hyrum made his first dash to the bathroom. I hear from the upstairs, "Mom, come quick, Hyrum is puking blood!" Well, of course my first response was, "Did he make it to the toilet?"

Not blood, just red licorice. Great details, I know! I stayed up through part of the night with him. He finally settled and sure enough a few hours later, Spencer was making his way to the bathroom. Wow, and wouldn't you know it, by morning I was not feeling so well myself.

So, how many pieces of toast can you eat in a day? The boys are on the mend, tearing the house apart, while I sit in my room wishing that my stomach would get over itself! Reed of course feels finer then frogs hair and is up to TROUBLE.

Where is Mike you ask??? Of course he is taking KwinLee to her piano recital. I have to stay home and only hope that the video camera has enough battery length to catch her in her performance. Plus, she is doing one song with her dad on the fiddle.

So, here I sit. Wishing I could be there, knowing that I should not get to far from the comforts of my own "Powder Room"!

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