Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We are adapting to our new lifestyle. We have been swimming in the creek, hiking in the hills (out in the wide open bearless hills), visited a few parks, and now tote library cards to two of the libraries in different communities. The kids have spent a lot of time playing outside, a plus because we have no t.v. channels and so nothing to draw them in! Mike brought this great stock tank over and we filled it up. This has been a great thing!!

The kids have also been taking turns going to work with their dad. And sometimes we all go with him. This was Hyrum and Reed's turn to go out and do something???

And this one here is for BUZZ and SHARON ( I hope it makes you smile!) Hyrum inherited the hat from Buzzy.

We were able to sneak back to Helena yesterday and get in some much needed shopping. We had a good day up until it was time to leave. My Reed declared that he didn't want to live on the new ranch and he wanted to live in Helena. Then he cried himself to sleep in the truck declaring he wanted to go back to Buzzy. It was a little rough for me, and then when we got him home he wouldn't get out of the truck. His dad had to pick him up and take him in, which to was a little rough because he began crying all over again for his Buzzy. But, after a good nights sleep, he woke up and headed out to spend a few hours with his dad and is doing much better. So, I won't be packing his bags quite yet!

Friday, July 9, 2010

GlaCieR and MoRe

We already made our first trip to Glacier. And I do mean first, cause we now have a 1 year pass (I know, real handy in January) but we are only an hour or so away! Steph, Karsyn, KwinLee, Spencer, Hyrum, and I had an enjoyable day!

The kids loved being out on a Glacier. I loved that there was a family who had sleds out there. It was like 89 degrees and they were sledding away. Note to self, bring sleds on the next trip!

This was Snow Goose Island. Right after this we ran into the construction, which worked out perfect. While we waited for the pilot car, we broke out our packed lunch and indulged!

I reported earlier about the experience of doctoring a bull with Mike. Well, the poor thing needed to be re-doctored. So we snuck out early one morning and of course our little cowboy woke up to join us. Reed was so excited that his mom could help dad rope a bull. Some days I actually can impress him!

Note: I said early in the morning, before I had time for hair and make-up!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

AlmOsT a NoVeL

WARNING: It is a long one, hence the title!

We said goodbye to Helena. It was not easy, and I feel I will personally mourn the loss for a LONG period of time. Helena was so much to our little family. It was AMAZING friends who brought me out of my shell and were such great examples. It was the place I gained employment in which I came out of my comfort zone and did things I never thought possible. It is where I proved to myself that I could go back to school, at my old age! It was where my kids learned about park hopping,cow camping, and best friends. It has been a great 8 years! But most important it is where we gained some of the closest friends/adopted family and we know that because of that friendship, we will have them for life!

But, it is time to move on. Sometimes that is easier said then done. I am learning what it is to be 45 mins. from a grocery store again, and to keep an eye on the gas tank. I am also learning that my kids became very independent in our crazy lifestyle these last few years and that I now am almost learning to be a different kind of mom to them. I love that they are so enthusiastic about this change, and I can't help but feel some of their excitement be contagious. I love their example to me.
So... Life goes on! And for those who have expressed some concern, here is a picture to prove that so far none of my children have been eaten by bears. (Charlene, Karsyn is incident free as well).

Yesterday, Mike decided to break me back into the ranch wife life slowly (yeah right). He picked me up, had my horse saddled and ready, and informed me that we were going to doctor a bull. What does this mean for me? I have to rope it. I haven't roped anything in quite a long time, and at that they were just calves. So I get the bull around the neck and he says, "Just pull him over!" I am on a horse that I am sure is half this bull's size, but has heart like you wouldn't believe. And yes we just pulled him over. (Insert note that he was in pretty bad shape with foot rot, so this task was only mildly scary). Mike doctored him and then informed me to not let the bull up until he was back on his horse. Hmmmm, I could be really mean at this point and see just how fast he could get back on that horse, but I wasn't! This picture is right where we were doctoring the bull and the eye sores that we have to look at are just terrible (being facetious).

The first morning I was here, Mike asked me to go and help him move his dams (around 5:30 am). So we got on the 4-wheeler and cruised in the peacefulness of the morning (and when I say peaceful, I mean realllllly quiet). We came onto these elk, I whipped out my camera and took this picture, and then, my camera battery died. So, that was that. Later, I dropped him off at the tractor he needed to drive back to the shop, and took off by myself ahead of him. As I crossed a bridge and came out in a clearing, there was my first bear sighting. My first morning out on the ranch and of course I see one, all by myself. Mike has been here for over 2 weeks now, and hasn't seen hide nor hair of one. Ok, that is not all true. He found a backbone of a dead animal with the meat still fresh on it and a pile of bear dung right next to it. But, no bear around for him to glimpse at.

That is our life as of right now. And once again, thank you Helena area for the wonderful life you provided our family for the time we were there (all 8 years).

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