Friday, September 26, 2008

Where is September GoInG?

September is a busy month anyway around here. But time is just flat flying. It seems like not very long ago when these two cuties were just babies and we were just so proud to have the little bundles of joy. Now wouldn't you know that they are 9 and 8! KwinLee being the chubby girl and bubba being the over sugared glazed eyed boy.

I had to write a check today and when I looked at the date I about had a panic attack. It is the 26th already? Every once in awhile I realize that time is passing so fast and I get scared as I think of what that means. You know, like my kids getting older, things I keep putting aside and not getting accomplished, people I have said I will keep up with and it has been months since I talked to them.... Ugh! I just don't know how to get it all done!

Lately I have been playing mom of 4 without their dad. He goes for the week days up into the mountains and stays at camp to build fence and take care of cows. I do send a special thank you to any wife who has sacrificed their husbands to go and serve our country and stayed at home for the tour with their children. I am weak and do not know how they do it.... On a side note, I am very grateful to my husband and all he does do, which is obviously a lot, because when he is gone I get to see what goes un done!

I have been working, staying strong with my work outs, and editing senior pics this week. Not to mention two nights of volleyball and cow milking sessions as well. Plus my daily stuff. Everyone wonders why I love the winter so much, something about bringing that tall cowboy home earlier in the evenings and getting to spend more time with him.... Of course if it is light outside you are supposed to be out working, don't you know that!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Dress

Here is the picture/poem we did for Cali. I was able to get it from Char and now it is posted up. To see it better double right click it and it should??? come up better!

In Memory of My Youth!

In memory of the youth I once had I decided to post some of these pictures this day. I woke up this morning with mixed feelings of there go my 20's and being young to, maybe now in my 30's I can be taken more seriously! A friend told me not to long ago that the 30's were the best. You were more patient, had more things figured out then in your 20's, you were more at peace, and you still were not falling physically apart. I have thought a lot about what she said and decided I would totally accept her evaluation of it. Why you ask, because as of today I have no choice!

I am the young one of the group! Do you see a little of Reed in the picture

I loved our blue healers and this black horse. Most of all I think I loved being the baby of the family.... But now I truly do love the "Baby of the family!"
I guess the days of being the young one of the group are gone, but I do have a lot to show for my twenties. Like the first ten years of my marriage, my 4 children, and hopefully some maturing!

Oh to have this body back! Pre-Kids, sagging, extra weight, age spots, wrinkles, and all that comes with aging oh so gracefully!
I know that there are those out there moaning at me because they have passed there 30 mark and are going on to other marks beyond, but I can have this moment can't I? Ok, I'm over it! Now I will go have a great day and bask in the attention from my wonderful little family that loves me even if I am old and frumpy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Picture Thief!

I have to keep stealing pictures in order to get any. I hope that down the road I won't be such a thief. But what can I say, Nothing! Here is the wedding party. I personally like the pink!

They did make a really cute couple. And is not she just a beautiful bride. Yep, I know, and she is related to me!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spencer's Special Day!

Spencer was baptized on Saturday and it was such a great day. We had family and friends there to share this wonderful experience. We had a beautiful program and the actual baptism was very neat as well. You can see in these pictures that he was just beaming (all day)!
We were so proud of his excitement and anticipation for this day. He could not wait to be baptized. It has been a choice that we have let him make entirely and we felt he was ready. In fact, in the middle of Aunt SandyKay's talk he said, "I have been waiting my whole life to be baptized!"

Spencer has always had a little trouble with wiggles. He gets to wiggling so much that he almost becomes ancy. Well, a few years ago, his dad taught him that in church and reverent times, to let his wiggles out his toes. As parents, we would always chuckle to ourselves when we could see him sitting so still, except for his feet. During the pre-baptism talk he had the same dilemma, only he had no shoes on, so Mike pointed out to me his little toes just going wild, while he sat as still as he could. He was doing all he could to contain his excitement!
I can't express how much it means to us that our children love the church so much. And they truly love to learn! Our Spencer and KwinLee both love primary and activities and all that comes with it. I am so amazed at their knowledge of it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Wonderful Long Day!

Well it was a good day. Definitely a beautiful wedding, intimate and fun. The bride and groom were happy, what else mattered. I am waiting to get pics of the actual groom and bride, and wedding party, but for now I have these that my Aunt Clydene sent me (thank you). I am glad that the day went so well, and I am glad it is over.

Spencer at the pump being a boy! This was a classic photo. He played a lot here and then walked the rails of the bridge and tempted falling in the river as well. All while wearing a pink tie!

And here they are the Show Stealers. They were so dad gone cute walking down the aisle together. We had to only coax them a little to get them all that way. And it was a long walk. But they were adoreable.

I don't think this is for me ( Mike sticking his tongue out) but I know there were times during this day when he would have liked to!

Spencer and Hyrum, hamming it up for the camera. Can you tell they are brothers? They both were pretty darn good that day!

By far the most confident pair walking down the aisle was Hyrum and Kota Bug. They kind of strutted. They made a cute duo.

I often don't say this of a picture that I am in, but.... I love this picture. It really captured the moment we were in. If I remember right, I was watching my sister give Justin that big old dimpled grin. It was before they kissed and Spencer said Oh Yuck, very loudly!

Reed did so well standing up there with all those guys. He stood in front of the towering Colton. At one point he looked all the way up at Colton and then being intimidated by his size, covered his face with the cute little pillow he was carrying.

It was a day I hope that we can always remember and I know we have hundreds of pics, so I am sure that we will! Maybe the pics of the main attraction will be coming soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If only there was more time in a DaY!

Well, we made it back from Utah ( a very quick trip) in which my two little boys did well under the circumstances. I worked a half day on Thursday and then loaded them into the car and we were on our way. We stopped briefly in Lima and then cruised into Kaysville, after being detoured to another exit and me making a wrong turn at about 9 pm. My wonderful Grandma was waiting there with her beautiful home already and willing to take on the wild boys I bring.

The next morning found me taking Vallume to deal with Utah, ok, I actually took it to go get a root canal, but it doesn't hurt to have some when your visiting happy land. I found out that it does have quite an effect on me as I was falling off beds and saying things I don't remember saying. After 3 hours in the torture chamber, the dentist, I escaped and headed off to help mom with wedding and bridal shower stuff. We headed into Salt Lake at about 2 to go and pick up Cali's wedding dress, which upon arriving found out was not done being altered. We then headed to Reed's dr.'s appointment as fast as we could in Salt Lake traffic and walked in only 5 minutes late. Which we then waited another hour to see the doctor whom told us to wait a couple of weeks and see what happens, he wasn't sure what was going on! Yay.

We then dashed out into rush hour traffic (5:15) and headed at a high rate of speed back towards Syracuse. At one point I am sure we hit 45. As I became frantic and fun to be around, (sorry mom), we dashed into the house to get what we needed to go to Cali's bridal shower, which we made with 2 minutes to spare. I of course was still looking like the Vallume dazed, person who had sat in a dental chair, shopped at Wal-Mart, drove in Salt Lake traffic, wrestled 2 little boys for over an hour in a doctors office, sleep deprived "hottie". But the shower was a success and here is a pic of the Beautiful bride to be.....

Oh and Grandma too. She loves to have her picture taken about as much as I do.

The next morning I headed out with great intentions of getting an early start home. I helped gather pictures for the wedding frames that will be displayed, packed us up, called a friend and his Fiance' to see if I could pop in and say hi, and gather what items I needed to go with us for decor purposes. Of course, the picture gathering took longer then I expected and the friends wanted to meet for lunch. Did I mention that these friends were planning a wedding in just a few weeks time for family reasons. The bride to be was headed out by herself after lunch to go dress shopping. I decided that I would invite myself to go and took the boys back to my "brother-in-law" to be, who watched them while we went dress shopping. Can you believe she found a dress that fit exactly what she was looking for at a store just a few miles away from her home and it was the only dress she tried on. She was gorgeous in it. I wish that we could be there for that wedding, but it conflicts with my baby sisters! I still love her though!!!

So, as this story gets longer, I finally left Utah at about 4:30 in the afternoon with full intentions of staying the night in Lima, but then Mike told me how he just washed our sheets and that tempted me all the way home to my own bed which I crawled into at about midnight. Ahhh. That is where I am headed now....

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