Sunday, November 29, 2009

ThAnkSGivInG 09'

And the days that followed!

This year, for the first time ever, it was just Mike and I, and the kids for Thanksgiving. Mike had to work a good part of the day (only breaking for my race and to eat), so we stayed close to home and made our own quaint little day. This year I chose to have each of the kids pick a menu item and then spent time with them making it. This was so much fun. KwinLee learned how to make homemade rolls, Spencer made some awesome deviled eggs, Hyrum made pumkin pie (did you know that singing to the pie crust makes it tasty), and Reed made sweet potato souffle and hearing him pronounce it makes a person giggle.

Mid morning we took a break so I could run the 5K Turkey Trot. I beat my time from the last 5K, so I was happy. We then took a quick ride around the auto mall to peak at vehicles (the dreaded day of needing a newer reliable vehicle has come)due to some major problems and money to be spent in the near future!

We had our great dinner around the 2:30 ish hour and then as Mike headed back out the door, the kids and I just chilled. I did dishes here and there (ones that Mike didn't do before he left again, always helping) and we just relaxed. Of course at some point I had to get the Black Friday ads and make a game plan (and it worked well).

3:30 am Friday found me getting ready to go shopping. And I did and I was somewhat victorious at saving money and coming in under budget for every kid!!

Friday night (thanks Boyd and Diane for watching the boys while we shopped) and Saturday morning found me doing the car salesman shuffle. We had a plan and when we went to the dealership to sign papers, Mike had a "feeling" and so we totally changed our mind and went a different route. Mike got an early Christmas present of a 6 passenger truck that will be the family vehicle. Now I am in search of a little "jitney" that gets good gas mileage and is cheap for driving around town.

That was our last couple of days and it has been good to have the kids home. Hope everyone else has enjoyed time with family and friends and great food! Oh and my pictures that I took on a camera with no memory card in it will have to just be burned forever into my mind!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

BosToN ArrIveS

Boston arrived on November 15th on His Aunt Tracy's Birthday. It was so neat to be there and be a part of the first few days of his life. I might be biased, but he is dang cute!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BosTon'S MommY

This is my beautiful baby sister and her husband. She is the only younger sibling that I have and for a long time I was the baby... But fortunately for me, she came along and stole my title. Here she is with me, back in the days of me not so sure of the title being taken.

And now these two cuties, have a cutie on his way.

In just a few more days ( I am just sure she will cooperate ;), my wonderful little sister is going to have a Mr. Boston Joseph. Bringing another boy and nephew into my life. But how cool it is, because I have been the little sister having the babies for my older sisters, and now it is my turn. My turn to be the big sister to her and let her know how proud I am of her. To let her know that this is going to change her life in ways that are only going to be for the better. I am here to give her advice and laugh with her through the trials like my older sisters did for me.
I love you CaliChey. You are the best little sister, well right next to me I am sure!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


4 class parties, one cub scout party, 2 friends parties, trunk-r-treating, and a Halloween dance later, and we have all survived another year. KwinLee was a cheerleader/football fan, Spencer a soldier, Hyrum was Handy Hyrum, and Reed was .... a cowboy big surprise. Let's just say I can wait for next year!

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