Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A WeEk To RemEmBer

A lot of people have been wondering why I have a dazed look on my face. One that is on the brink of tears. I have told some, but the story is that to me some days, just a story that I am not sure if "that all just happened" or not. SO to put it briefly:

A couple of weeks ago Mike received a call from a guy who wanted his resume'. We sent it to him and immediately he called back and set up an interview. We met with him on a Friday, amongst me going through mid-terms, an extra work load, and a huge Relief Society project coming up, we went. We spent eight hours with this gentleman, and at the end of the day, he had won both Mike and I over.

He told us over the dinner he was buying us, that he would like us to go home for a day, think about it, and if it was what we wanted to ask Mike's current Boss how soon Mike could leave. He said that Mike was his first pick, and he would meet with us in the next day or two to finalize things. So we went home, prayed, made some hard decisions, figured out how we would make it all work, and Mike gave notice to his current employer. We then tried to make contact with the new future employer.... after 3 days, we finally did. To find out, he found someone who could be there sooner. Mike happened to mention that it put us in a bad situation, because he had given notice like he was told to, to his current employer. But in an unfriendly manner, the gentleman told him that was not his fault. So, here we sit, knowing that Mike is going to be replaced in a few months here, and we will be starting a new adventure, we just don't know when.

So if I look a little dazed, or you wonder why I have to keep going to the Dr. for ulcers and stress induced pancreas problems, why when Reed says he doesn't want to leave his house or his Buzzy, and Hyrum says he can't stand leaving his best friend of 5 years, And I want to cry every time I think of leaving the amazing friends, the job, and school.... well maybe this can explain why I tend to be somewhat of a basket-case......

But then I remember, the Lord has given me so much. I have so much to be grateful for, and he has never let me down yet. This morning as I read about faith, and planting it as a seed and then nourishing that seed, I realized that my little sapling is far from bearing fruit, and it will take these life experiences for me to get enough faith that I can someday enjoy the fruit of faith!

That is my last week or so, in a nut shell. And yes, I am going to be ok....

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