Monday, December 29, 2008

A WondErFul WhItE ChrIstMas

Our kids asked for a few things for Christmas, but one of the things they wanted most was a "White Christmas". Last year we had no snow, so this year we had our miracle and it was even fairly warm (i mean it was above zero!) They went sledding with some of our friends behind the hay wagon out in the field. It was a great day.

Reed, being a product of his father, received a pair of chinks (chaps), pistols with holsters, a barn, and a miniature roping steer with ropes. His dreams came true.... He could not wait to put the chinks on over his pirate pajamas!
So, I being a little excited woke Mike up early so that we could get things rolling.... Yes, I wake the kids up on Christmas morning! So after we opened presents, Mike fell asleep in his chair with his new hat and gun close by....

What a fun day we had, and the magic of having our kids at this age is so much fun!

Friday, December 19, 2008

ThEy SToLe The ShOw

Today we were lucky enough to get to watch KwinLee and Spencer in their Christmas Program. Of course as parents we have to say they were the best! KwinLee played the piano, a piece from the nutcracker, in front of the whole audience as prelude music. Then they sang and sang and sang. Our Spencer also played a mean electric "air" guitar. They dressed up and looked sharp. I am glad I had no buttons on my shirt because I would have been popping them and it wouldn't have been from all the Christmas goodies I have been indulging on!

Tonight we had a big date planned that Mike came up with on his own, our babysitters were on board to take the rug rats and off we would go. But wouldn't you know it, a few minutes ago, KwinLee was hit suddenly with the stomach flu. "I hate the FLU". She is really upset and I am feeling pretty bad for her. Hopefully she will be over it fast!

Monday, December 15, 2008

GuEsS WhO?

Guess Who We Saw?............................................................

The "REAL" Santa! We had a great time too.

Monday, December 8, 2008


We went for a "drive" yesterday and happened to be up Soup Creek, which is the ranch's private ground... While we were there, I saw a tree way up on a very steep side hill. My wonderful husband took his climbing gear and scaled the mountain. He rode this tree down and after all that I decided it would be the tree, no matter what! So as you can see we decorated it as well......

Reed thought that one little section was his and he put as many ornaments in that section as he could... hanging them off the lights!
So I let the kids do the majority of the decorating and decided to just let it be, except for some of the ones on the lights of course. Mike cut them trees for their room and told me to decorate mine how I wanted, that they could do their own. But I informed him that their will be plenty of years that I can have the tree just like I want, and only a few years of having little helping hands decorate it how they want. So, here is the finished project. ....

Friday, December 5, 2008

HyRuM's GoLdEn!

Watch out ladies, here he comes... The ladies man is turning 5 and he knows how to steal your heart. He loves to give kisses and hugs to the women in his life and he does not skimp!

We love our Hyrum Wayne and we are so happy that he is a part of our little family...

His smile is contagious and he makes your heart flutter when he gives you that big old single dimpled grin.....

I hope he truly has a great day and that on this his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY he knows how much we love him!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We SuRviVeD!

Well, we made it through a great Thanksgiving. It was great to have all my family here (that were able to make it!). My dad and B0nnie, Mom and George, Tracy, Bill, Cimbrelyn, Caden, Cenzington, Cali, Justin, Justin's brother Josh and his baby girl Grayson, and yes of course all 6 of us in my family. Many people thought it a little strange that I had my mom and dad with their spouses and there was no awkwardness. Well, that part went well until my mom got mad and threw some mashed potatoes at my dad and in return my dad spit his false teeth in her pie. Other than that it went smoothe. (ok, I am really just kidding, nothing exciting like that really happened.)

We also made a good showing at Black Eye Friday. My niece and mom took out some elderly lady to get a gift for Tracy's grand baby, I faked labor pains with the pillow stuffed in my shirt to get to the front of the line for another hot ticket item for my sister, and Cali gave some poor Walmart worker the black eye! Ok, so I am a little far fetched! My mom was the elderly lady that almost got taken out when they dropped the box and some guy came to their rescue, I did not fake labor pains of any sort, but I really did not feel good in my tummy region, but it did not get me to the front of the very calm line, it just got me sweat beads, and Cali gave no black eyes, she just made some proo worker very confused due to lack of their "Walmart Team" not communicating. And after hearing news reports, I guess I should not joke about how everyone tends to lose the Christmas Spirit to "get a good deal". My favorite part was getting to be with the girls and seeing some of our friends in the frenzy! As for me, my best deals were at Goodwill, they were having a 50% off day!!! The next morning after everyone left, I got up and went shopping again early in the morning and their were absolutely no crowds and it was a success for me!

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