Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 ThiNgS I wAnt AnD NeeD To DO

First off, Happy Birthday to SandyKay! Yesterday was Milton's Birthday,Mike's oldest brother (shout out) and today is SandyKay's Birthday, his older sister. Hope that you who are sometimes lost in the mix of the Holidays, had a great day!
So, I have been taking pictures and I was published in a magazine. Ok, so it was a horse sale catalog and not a huge deal at all, but hay (pun intended) I am moving on up!

So the new year is fast approaching, and I have to say that last year I actually somewhat stuck to my New Year Resolutions and had some good things happen. So this year here is my forever eternal long list:
1. I want to keep up my good habits from last year and this year take a step back and enjoy what I have been given.
So that is it. I have decided to not be overzealous and unrealistic. I am adventuring out new roads this year, and I intend to just let life come at me and learn to deal and not have too high of expectations of myself!
I hope all of you have a great New Year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ChrIsTmaS Is AlMosT HerE

This is our attempt of taking a picture for Christmas cards.... KwinLee is the photographer. We our inside, becuase at the time we were not getting above 0 degrees!

We had a great time making this Gingerbread House. The kids did a great job decorating it! I have to say now, that their are pieces of candy missing off the roof and few other places. Reed has really enjoyed having it down within his reach.

My kids. This is me getting them laughing at me and not taking me serious! They are so excited for Christmas and I am excited to have them home. Spencer has been out helping his dad feed cows and learning to drive a tractor, KwinLee has been decorating the house and being my little elf, Reed and Hyrum have been playing up a storm (I think they miss each other, for now).
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we get to go collect food items for Food Share at the Live Nativity. This is such a great thing to do on Christmas Eve, it has become a tradition for us. We were fortunate enough to deliver Christmas to a special family a few nights ago, and that will be a memory that sticks in my mind forever. Our little family is so blessed, and I just want everyone to know we truly hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 4, 2009

HyRuM WayNe

Tomorrow this little man turns 6. He is our December baby that was supposed to come in January, but what a very early Christmas present he was. I have to say that I had really good babies, but this baby was the easiest baby out of all of them. And then... He turned 1. Anyone who knew Hyrum from the age of 1-4, knows what I am talking about. He is so full of life that when he was little it bounded out everywhere.
He is a smile that is contagious, he is spontaneity, he is handsome, he is kind, he is witty, and he is lovable! His name is special and every time Mike and I think of how we came about it, we are in awe. He is such a great addition in our family and we are thankful for him.
Happy Birthday my little Ball of Fire. You are loved!

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