Friday, April 24, 2009


Mike on my horse 36. He is a good looking horse, although he was not having the best day.
Spencer was able to get his first time ever of roping in the branding trap. He was a little frustrated and it took him awhile, but low and behold he caught one. Not only did he catch one but he caught one the "cowboy way" by both back feet. And where was I with the camera. Well, I waited with anticipation for about 45 mins. and then when I left to get KwinLee from school..... He caught. Over 8 camera phones were there and yet everyone was so busy cheering they didn't think
to take a picture.

This is Spencer on his trusty steed Gunner. Gunner is an old pro at the branding thing!

Here are some unedited, random shots I got. I love taking pictures at the brandings.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A DaY LonG AwAitEd

When Mike and I were dating and newly engaged, we threw around the idea of a dream of having beautiful kids (which we did) and having the opportunity to all ride together as a whole family and work cows. I have to say that when Kwin was almost 3 and Spencer almost 2 we had an experience or two where we went out and they rode on the front of our saddles... But never just us as a family doing it "our way". Well, Mike's way anyway! So the last few days we have gathered one large field of Cows and their week to two week old calves and moved them across a bridge, around and through fallen trees and heavy brush, down a road through a boggy swamp, and by a large canal. See it makes it sound better if I add all the particulars... :) and of course I took some pics of our days as seen above....

One of the highlights for me was when Mike left KwinLee (with Reed), Hyrum, and I to gather the majority of the cows, while he and Spencer rode through the brush and gathered the stragglers. I sent KwinLee out to one side and instructed Hyrum to ride down the road and gather any of the cows that were there. I in turn was going to do the in between work through the trees and dead fall. Hyrum informed me after we started that I need to get those cows (as he pointed) and he would take care of these ones (directly ahead). He then once in awhile would further his instruction and "line me out" on what I needed to do. As we got along into our journey, he started to get closer to me and abandoned his post. Knowing in my mind he was lonely and having heck keeping his horse on course away from the other horses, I asked him, "do you think mom needs some help?" In which he replied, "yes!" Well, moving new calves through trees and dead fall can be an experience and my horse being well trained was moving at a hurried pace going back and forth directing calves... I am sure it made me look a little frantic compared to Hyrum's saunter. Finally after observing my state for a period of time, Hyrum calmly said, "Wow mom, you need more help then I thought!" Try staying on top of a fast cutting horse chasing after a rogue calf while laughing into hysteria. I managed, but not gracefully. The story only continues from here...but I will save it for another day and stronger constitutions!
Disclaimer: No horses, cows, dogs, or kids were hurt in this experience... Well, maybe one cow will have a head ache for a few days.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

EasTeR DaY

Buzz and Reed looking for eggs... The ironic thing was that Buzz hid the eggs, giving Reed an unfair advantage! Grandpa Boyd pulling little Luke on the bike. It was pretty dang cute.

Zane, what can I say but he is just dang cute.

The cousins. Our 4 and Keri's 4. Poor KwinLee is the only girl.

Reed inspecting his basket early Easter Morning.

Hyrum looking for the goods...
Spencer liked his Star Wars Kite...
The kids had a good day and so did we. Mike was very lucky as well to not have very many calves, so he could go to church and spend time with us.

EaSteR PrEp

The day before Easter and the excitement levels were high. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to do some fun things with the kids. KwinLee and I made these Peanut Butter Chocolate eggs and then made Rice Krispie Treat nests to put them in.
Egg decorating was also fun and the kids didn't even make to much of a mess. They even let me and Mike help color a few too.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A DaY WiTh ThINg 1 & 2

I did it. I spent a full day without thing 3 and 4, and put my whole attention and time towards KwinLee and Spencer. Their request for what they wanted to do in the big civilized Utah was to go to the "Bigger Nacle" and see Temple Square. No malls, no movie requests, no Lagoon (although they now know it exists), nothing else but to go there.

It was a great day. We had so much fun together. I loved being with just the two of them out and about. They said that they really enjoyed themselves as well. I asked Mike when the last time I had a whole day with just them and he said before Hyrum was born. Which is probably true. I surprised them by taking them to the Imax theatre afterward and they thought 3D was pretty cool. They were so good for me and they told me thank you a ton of times. I just am lucky to have these two.... And a special thanks to my mom for watching the the other 2 wild things, she did employ others to help!

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