Monday, May 26, 2008

Family Vacation

We are on our trip. What a time. It has rained, alot. It reminds me of 10 years ago when Mike and I got married and went on our honeymoon. It rained almost the whole time then too. It is our fate in life. We went through "Greenstone Park" on Saturday. (greenstone is because Hyrum thought that to be better then yellowstone) The kids loved it. We are headed back through again tomorrow.

We have spent time with family and every time Mike talks about the ranch, I whack him (per request of Buzz). We are now in Cokeville just spending time with family and enjoying some peace. I promise to post pics. It will happen!

Just a side thought. Family vacation.... For us it entails loading and unlaoding a car every day. 2 huge suitcases, several duffle bags, church clothes, sleeping stuff and more. Vacation is a joke, but yet it can still be enjoyable. It will make us grateful to get back to much easier work when we get home. This is more work then a full time job......

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Peaceful Moment

I sit now, waiting. I should be upset that my nice dinner I made is going cold all set out on the table. I should be upset that no one responded to my call for food. But instead I sit in silence. Taking in a rare moment. I don't mind a bit that milking the cow has taken a little longer. I don't even feel a bit of frustration that the boss needed help, holding Mike and kids up. I am just happy. ....... What's that sound... Footsteps tromping on the deck. There goes my peace, it was wonderful while it lasted. Guess I will go eat dinner. And yes, I will enjoy every moment of that as well, for my wonderful little family sits together around the table.....

Monday, May 19, 2008

A long day and Chocolate Cake

It was yet another long, branding day. The older two kids did not get to stay home from school today though. All in all it was a good day. Not as hot as Friday and we did not have as many to do. We had a great lunch, that was all prepared, I just had to pop it in the oven and set it out.

Tonight I brought some of the left overs home. Included was a chocolate cake from Costco. The kind that is 4 layers thick, with fudge like frosting, and then giant chocolate shavings on the side. It is not only beautiful, but it tastes heavenly. Well, Reed was throwing one of his I want your attention and I want it now, fits. I locked myself in my room so I could clean up and get some of the stink off of me. When I came out of my room, there he was, bellied up to the counter with a fork and knife. He was eating the chocolate cake as fast as he could shovel it in his mouth. I guess that his fit had something to do with being hungry. His face was covered in chocolate, and it was hard not to just grab a fork and join him. It brought back memories of the "Dad is great, he feeds us chocolate cake" story from Bill Cosby. I mean, who wouldn't need a big old piece of the stuff when you are throwing an all out tantrum!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Friday was our big branding. It was a great day (nice and hot). They branded over 300 calves and I watched the majority of it. I did not get one offer to vaccinate calves. I guess that stabbing myself with a needle in the arm makes them think me somewhat unable. Oh well, I did put a few in head catches and chased after the few rogue ones that got away with a rope still on a hind foot.

Reed of course wanted to be right in the action. I am sure he could have wrestled with those calves that outweighed him by about 5 to 1. Hyrum was also wanting to "watch the gate" with the older kids, just sure he could do something helpful (like run from the cows if they got close). KwinLee and Spencer helped bring the pairs in and then spent the rest of the day either trying to catch each other in the cattle chute or playing guard of the gate with the Palmer Girls.

It was a beautiful day, and the kids slept so very well that night. The next day we made our round trip to Lima for the funeral of my music teacher/volleyball coach/ friends mom/co-worker. The kids were troopers for us, spending a lot of time in the car. Sugie (aka Cimber) saved them for awhile and took them to the park to play. It was a nice funeral, reflecting on a remarkable woman. I was happy to see so many of my friends, and catch up the best we could.

Our trip home was interesting. We stopped at dad's and then he treated us to dinner at the Buffalo. The part of this that was interesting was that Mike was driving his cousin's (the funeral directors) car back to Dillon for him. Just what Mike has always wanted to drive, a Cadilac. I just don't imagine that he would have thought it would be a HURSE.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just Breathe!

Yep, it has been another one of those days. I found myself stopping and telling myself, take a deep breath and go to your happy place..... I'll let ya know when I get back. Ha, as if I could be there very long. It was one of those days that I actually longed to be home (mostly accomplishing the big to do list I have) instead of the other way around, wishing I could be somewhere in public, socializing.

Spencer had his program today. I missed it. Mike was there and got to see it all. He enjoyed watching our eldest son, whom he remarked "He's the class clown!". Can you imagine my tall blonde boy (towering over all the other kids in the first grade) dressed in a button up shirt, Wranglers, a cowboy belt, cowboy boots, and to top it off ...... a lady bug strapped to his head. Just does us proud.

The little boys had a highlight, I took them to play group at the carousel today. Hyrum rode an animal once, with his head down and eyes shut. The next two trips around were sitting on a stationary bench that did not move. Reed on the other hand, he topped off a horse, ram, and a bear, with a big smile the whole time.

I sat in amazement at KwinLee's piano lessons today. She did awesome. It is unbelievable how here teacher can tell her to switch positions in the middle of a song, and she can. I can't believe her brain works that way, mine on the other hand, does not....... work very much at all, for that matter!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What my day is like...

Just a little note.... Ha.. on how a day goes for me. This morning I woke at 4:50 am to go and get my workout in. I was back at 6:30 to cook eggs and sausage to go with our yummy store bought cold cereal. But the milk was fresh from Dotty yesterday. I then hustled kids around getting all ready to head out the door. Dropped Kwin and Spence at school and came back to pick up the milk bucket (which I forgot I had, so the dogs ended up with the milk). I then went to get details on what I needed to get for groceries for the upcoming branding.

I then went home to spend some time on the phone, totally not accomplishing very much at all. Not to mention the 2 little boys snuck out and got in the creek, where Reed lost his shoe and his dad had to come save it. After I got the boys in clean clothes we went for a trek to Wally world. I not so carefully selected groceries and then made my way to the check out line (can I say that there were only 4 open). While I stood there for 10 minutes not moving ahead, contemplating if the Premium Creamies would be liquid by the time I bought them, I hear "mommy I have to go to the bathroom really bad". Yep, he could not wait, I got out of line to take him to the restroom, of course it was being cleaned at the time. When he finally was able to go, I went back and got in line all over again. Creamies barely made it home.....

The boys then slept through lunch, I woke them in time to get them ready for the fiasco...oops I mean the spring program at the school. Today was KwinLee's turn. It was a 60's bash. Can we say over 400 bodies in a really small area...... The singing was good, and once again Hyrum had to go to the bathroom. Mike missed KwinLee's performance. We were able to survive the "times" and find our way out to the play ground where the little boys played.

We are home now... It makes me cringe... I mean wonder what to think tomorrow will bring..

Mom, what's that?

Leave it to Reed. I have left some, um certain female products in the guest bathroom for just in case visitors. (We all know they aren't for me anymore). Wouldn't you know what I found all over the bathroom floor. Yep, white little fluffy things with strings attatched. I about died, good thing we had no visitors today. Wrappers were everywhere, card board tubes as well. I just love the fact that with a 2 year old, nothing is private.

So it Begins!

Well, I bit the bullet and decided to jump on the band wagon. And I can already tell with my first sentence that I will be boring all to death. Of course, I will probably only get a few pity lookers. Thanks MoM! I just decided that my life is to precious not to share, or at least journal, what goes on. And just how could it not be a little exciting, I have four kids.

So about the 5 loves of my life......

Mike~ Truly my best friend. He understands me, and still loves me. He treats me with great respect and makes me feel appreciated. He makes me laugh and will even give me a chuckle when I make an attempt at humor. He is a wonderful father and I can't help but say, he is HOT.

KwinLee~ A female version of her father. She looks so much like him. But when it comes to personality, she is me. Bossy, emotional, funny, loving, manipulative, and very unique. I love this only daughter so much and I am greatful that I have her on my side when it comes to a stand off with the males in the house.

Spencer~ Well, he looks like me and his Great Grandpa Spencer, but has so much of his father in him. He can be so orderly and such a perfectionist. He is a little slow on the draw, which can test my patience, but he is so loving and yet in his own world all at the same time. My little worrier, but in a good way!

Hyrum~ Always there for a good laugh. And if he can't get you to smile at the naughty he just did, he is great at flashing that one sided dimple. Yep, those from the Fry side know the one. His blonde, tow head makes me envious (I used to be there). He is smart and all boy. A perfect mixture of his mom and dad.

Reed~ Of course he is the perfect baby of the family. He steals our hearts with his big brown eyes and his dimpled smile. He is a little on the spoiled side, ok a lot on the spoiled side. He loves to work! He would spend all day out on the ranch if he could. He truly is his dad recreated in so many ways.

This is just a brief start, it will only get lengthier from here. I love being mom in this house. Even the days I want to pull my hair out!

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