Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to ScHooL!

Brotherly and Sisterly LOVE

KwinLee headed for the 3rd Grade

Spencer headed for the 2nd Grade

Well, they are off to school. They could not get out the door fast enough. They were so excited and ready to go. Mom who? Well, me and the little boys will mope around all day, sad they are gone. Oh no, I guess not, we are headed to a Back To School Brunch and then I have to work. No time for moping....

Monday, August 25, 2008

I feel like I have been TaGgeD!!!

These are the rules which need to be passed on:1). Link to the person who tagged you on your blog.2).Post the rules of the tag on your blog.3).Write 6 random things about yourself.4).Tag 6 people at the end of the post.5).Let each of the people know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.6).Let tagger know that your tag entry has been posted.

I have been tagged and since I don't have a lot of options to send it on (seems like they are all taken, at least the ones I know) I will just write on me and bore everyone who reads!

1. I hate when I hear people scrape their fork on their teeth. It drives me absolutely crazy, like the dentist drill crazy, or the finger nails on the chalk board crazy, or husband sharpening a knife next to me crazy (do I have issues?).

2. When I start "really" cleaning my house my kids ask me, "who is coming to our house mom?' Sad I know. The last little while I have even cleaned just to clean and it has thrown them off when no one shows up!

3. I can't stand letting anyone touch my toe nails, or really my feet for that matter. I have a foot fetish. But if I am correct, I come right by it. The old saying that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.... Thanks for those who shared their craziness with me!

4. I love to cook and create new things, but never write down my recipes. We rarely have one of my creations more then once because I forget about doing it and don't write it down. Mike will even ask me to write it down on the ones that he really likes so that I will make it again, but I don't. Is that lazy???

5. I still play the what if game in my certifiable mind. You know, what if I had a million dollars what would I do with it? Yeah, I have spent that million so many times that it isn't even funny. And now it is 10 million, because what is a million these days! Don't worry, getting my family and friends gifts is on my list!

6. I like to play games of luck, not brains. Don't play me in chess or checkers or something that will boggle my simple mind. But a simple game of cards or Taboo (yeah, you probably don't remember that one) and I am happy.

6 uninteresting tid bits about boring ol' me!

Crazy Busy!

Kadie can you believe that your kids will be going back to school in less then 48 hours! It seems so unreal, and a little unfair. I will miss having them around and here goes having to have that darn routine again. You mean I will have to have breakfast at a certain time every morning and homework done after school. Not to mention all the chores done and reading kept up with. I feel the drill Sergent coming out in me, grrrr!

I have been doing some projects to show that I can do something somewhat crafty. I made some cute throw pillows out of table napkins and bag totes out of place mats. I am also going to make a apron out of a place mat as well. And when I budget in the money to finish the projects that I started and then ran out of money, I will take pictures and post them........

I am looking for ideas for the big Super Saturday that we do in Relief Society and being in a larger ward is a little different then in a small branch. I hope that I don't let everyone down! Oh, ok, I will but they are probably getting used to it by now!

I have been loving getting to participate in my little sisters wedding... Thanks Cali Sister Princess. Wait, I still can't believe that she is going to be getting married. That precious little spoiled one that I have grown to love oh so very much. In their engagement pics she has her hand on Justin's wallet. Justin, watch out, it has started already!!! She is just like the best of us! I can't wait for the special day and getting to see it go off without a hitch. Please, and I mean please!!!, no rain, wind or killer mosquito's! Let the cake stand unscathed, let the food be of plenty, let the decor be perfect or nearly their, let the bride be as beautiful as ever (ok, so we pretty much know that will happen) and let the groom not get scared and run from this crazy family he is joining.......

We are headed back to Utah on Friday for a post-op visit. It was scheduled for the following week, but of course, Reed has a lump in his cheek that they want to see, so we go down early. I realllllllllly am hoping and praying that is something that will fix itself, down the line!

I once again got out of going to the dentist. Which, for the second cancelled visit, I was again relieved. I hate root canals, almost as much as I hate this pain I am in.... Oh well, I have only wanted to take a bat to my head once and luckily Mike does not have a pistol. Ok, their is my drama queen coming out, but it is getting pretty bad. And of course, who doesn't take pain pills, oh yes, I don't!

Well, dinner is not cooking itself. The kids are not going to get all their clothes sorted and put away without me. The laundry doesn't change itself either. I guess I will go do my duty.....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Keeping our Minds Busy

Keeping busy has been our theme for getting through our recent loss. We have tried our hardest at keeping the kids minds occupied and active. But the bonus is the time we are getting to spend with them. Mike's days are letting up a little, meaning we see him before it is dark outside, and so he has been able to join us as well.

Saturday we went to Exploration Works (the kids place) where we enjoyed time playing with all the "science stuff". It was Mike's first time there and I think he enjoyed it as much as the kids. The good news is we have a year pass to go and so I think we will be utilizing it more now that he knows what it is all about. The cool thing is they have a play room for little tikes that keeps Reed and Hyrum happy as well. Mike also treated the kids to a ride on the carousel and we also had pizza. It was just a fun day for all of us and the kids liked having time with mom and dad both. It is rare that we have Mike home all day on a Saturday.

I started work yesterday at Fuel Fitness. I get free membership there and I also get paid to watch kids for 4 hours 2 days a week. Not to bad of a compromise, especially because I get to have my boys with me. After work I came home and got kids ready to go to the lake. Our friends own a boat and thought it would be a great idea to take our whole family out on it. We had so much fun. It has been a long time since I have been out on a boat and I enjoyed it immensley. Not to mention the kids loved it as well. They had an tube that they pulled behind and the kids loved riding in that. Hyrum was the bravest and kept yelling "faster". Their daughter who is in her early 20's rode with the kids. Mike and I had to take our turn as well. The goal was to see how long it would take to get us off the tube. Which was fine the first time we both went off we took the fall some what graceful. But the next time I went off was another story! As I was whipping to the side at a high rate of speed I hit a wake that threw me to the side and I literally skipped out across the water . Funny thing was, I thought to myself, I am not flat enough to skip. Once I caught my wind and could breathe, I was laughing at how hard I flew. Mike's second time flying off was farily similar, but he did not skip, he sank. We both woke up a little stiff and sore, I guess it is just another sign that our age is catching us!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reed's Surgery

Reed doesn't know what he is in for!
Minutes before surgery...
Minutes after surgery......
Reed with his bear.....
Reed, packed his trunk and was leaving!

Reed made it through his 7 hour surgery and did well. He was such a trooper through it all. He stayed 3 days in the hospital, and got the drain out on his third day. He was so good and when ever the nurses or doctors would do something to him he would say thank you and then bye, trying to get them to leave. He loved his little car that sat parked in his room. He drove it all around the hospital. Sometimes he would shut his drain in the door, he would growl and then make it right. No slowing him down. He would take his sippy cup and bear with him on his journeys. His final journey was after he watched me pack all of our stuff into a wagon and he followed me and the nurse out. He knew we were headed out and every person he passed from the fourth floor down to the first floor entrance he was giving them a very excited "bye".

He is home and doing wonderful. He has slept great and does not complain at all about pain. He still hates his medicine, it takes two of us to get some of it down him. He is most happy to be back with his dad and on the ranch.

We are just so greatful for the tender mercies and wonderful doctor....


For the last ten months we have had the privilege of getting to bring a piece of Grandpa into our home. We have been taking care of Kelpie, whom Grandma gave to Spencer. Spencer was so excited to have his own dog, and the fact that it came from Grandpa Spencer meant a lot to him. They truly enjoyed each other's company.

I have to say that it did not take long for her to attach herself to me. I would throw rocks for her and I was one of the first people she let really pet her here. She would wait at the end of the drive for me to arrive home and as soon as my car door would open, a rock was placed at my feet for me to throw. I got in the habit of going outside to the porch while I was on the phone and she would place a rock on my barefoot. I in turn would pick it up with my toes and I even mastered throwing it out their with on good flick of my foot.
Kelpie got along well with our other dogs as well. She was kind of the queen of the ranch. All the male dogs would kind of bow down to her. She loved to pester the owner's dog a lot. He used to come steal our dog food until we got Kelpie. He did not come around much after that!

She loved the kids and it was running with them when she died. She would follow them wherever they went on foot or bike. I could always count on her to be with them. She was so patient with them, even Reed. No one could hardly pet her, and yet she would let him rope her and then she would just sit their patiently while he tried to doctor her and play with her.

Tomorrow is Grandpa's Birthday. I hope in my heart that she is there celebrating that special day with him.

We loved having her in our family, even for the short time that it was. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for sharing her with us. We will miss her and hope that she was happy living here with us....

Picture 1 Kelpie and Spencer....

Picture 2 Kelpie and Payson sharing Grandpa's Blanket...

Picture 3 Kelpie with us the day we built our snow man. She was anxiously waiting for Spencer to throw his snow ball for her to go fetch it....

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